Friday, June 22, 2007

It was a Rubber Band Day Today

I got so many magazines (5) that the mail person put a rubber band around to hold them all. Since I am somwhat of a mag addict, I get excited when I get a banded package of all the latest issues.

One thing that does NOT excite me is all of these advertisements that are stuck between the pages of just about every magazine I get. I wonder why advertisers actually pay money for these insert cards?

The very first thing I do with every magazine I get is go through and pull them all out and toss them in the garbage.

What a waste of the advertiser's money!

In Janaury I sent for a subscription to Southern Living magazine. I sent my check to pay for the subscription at the same time I sent the original subscription card. I had forgotten all about it. Two weeks ago I remembered and wondered where my magazines were.

I checked my bank statement to see if the check I sent had been canceled. It had. I called them and they did not have any information about my subscription.

I have always thought it best not to pay for a magazine subscription until they send you an invoice. That way you are sure they have you in their system. The first time I deviated from my own rule, and sure enough, they messed it up! Now I wonder if I sent any other checks with an original subscription card! I get so many mags I can't really keep track of them all.

Southern Living's customer service rep was very nice about it and took me at my word and started my subscription. I received an issue today.

Maybe tomorrow I will look through my checkbook to see if I've paid for any other magazines I am not getting. I usually highlight all the mag payments in yellow so they are easy to find.


  1. I always rip out the advertisements first too! They are so annoying! Glad to hear Southern Living was so easy to deal with!!

  2. Hi Zoey:-)

    I do the exact same thing when I buy/receive magazines...I remove all the advertisement cards!! I find them so annoying, especially when you pick up a magazine and they fall all over the place. I'm glad that you were able to straighten out the Southern Living mess...figures they took your money but didn't have you in their files!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xox

  3. That's the first thing I do too - we must all be veteran magazine readers!!

  4. Zoey, I'm glad you got the subscription figured out to your satisfaction. One of my duties at work is supervising the people who deal with the library's 750 magazine subscriptions. It can be kind of messy to get all the publishers consistently sending what we ordered.

    I hate the ads too but I use them for bookmarks since I rarely finish a periodical in one sitting!

  5. Hi everyone,
    If we ALL toss them out without reading, don't you wonder how the advertisers make any money? I guess somebody must read them.

    Lostroses, I can't imagine keeping track of 750 mag subscriptions!!!


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