Monday, June 18, 2007

They may be Slow to Emerge, But Aren't they Beautiful on their Way Up?

This is my first Tropicana Gold emerging from its long winter sleep. Perhaps 'Rip Van Winkle' would be a more appropriate name for this one.

I was beginning to wonder if anything would come up! I think it's been five - six weeks since I planted them.

I have discovered that the cannas I overwinter in their pot of soil, come up weeks ahead of those I dry and store in paper bags.

Next year I will leave them all in soil for the winter.

Boy, peony blooms sure don't last long in a vase, do they? Mine were all shriveled up with petals falling all over the table the next morning.

My peonies also do not have much a smell. Everyone is talking about how good they smell, so after a very careful bug check, (how would you like to take a big sniff and get this guy up your nostril?)
I shoved my nose right inside....couldn't smell much at all. I guess maybe the real old varieties don't have the same fragrance.

I removed the spent blooms and took a walk around to see what else I could cut and add. I found a lot of Sweet William blooming in the woods just beyond my smaller arbor. It's where I toss plant debris. It's become my cutting garden back there. Everything I throw out seems to grow.

I just walk through here along the pine needle path
and snip as I go.

I picked some of this Valerian, too, because it does have a nice scent.


Another different look. I am going to use the vase all year to showcase garden flowers that I can usually only see when I take a garden walk. I like the idea of bringing the flowers up to the deck where I can just sit and enjoy them.

I moved the bouquet to the little bistro set in the woodland area. It's another of DH's powerwasher works of art. (*grin)


  1. I love that furniture - I'm putting "anything metal" on Mark's garage and estate sale list right now! It would be great fun to have a cutting garden - like having your cake and eating it too! Some of my peonies about knock you over with the strong scent - and others, nothing. At least they all look beautiful.
    (I was thinking about your TIAGC comment - and wondering why we don't get away more often. Then it hit me - we don't have grandchildren yet, but we have 2 big dogs. Much, much harder and more expensive to leave than grandkids would be!)

  2. Oh - was going to say I planted my first cannas ever this weekend - no doubt that will end up in a future post! I bought some already growing and I love the way the leaves look as they start to unfurl. Can't wait to see the blooms. Thanks for the tip on winter storage - I'll probably hit you up next fall for more info! AND your bouquets are simply charming.

  3. The bouquet from your cutting garden is delightful! I believe some peonies have a faint carnation type smell. I always think it's funny when Bath & Body Works has peony as a scent in their products.
    I liked your slideshow from the weekend too. I hope we'll be taking more trips like that.

  4. I've always been under the impression that the old cultivars have a stronger fragrance than the newer hypbrids. I think they cross-pollinate the smell right out of them.

  5. Your flowers you picked look so nice. Most of the summer I have flowers on the dinningroom table.

  6. Kris,
    Dogs are just live having young children--they certainly pevent traveling unless you want to board them and most dog owners hate to do that. Can't wait to see the post about what kind of canna you bought.

    Dianne, I really don't like any of those body lotions that smell. I am an unscented lotion lady all the way!

    Marie, I've heard that before, too, but it certainly is not true of my peony.

    Laurie, I love flowers on the dining room table, too. But once I saw the bugs in the peonies, I decided to leave them outside!

  7. Your bistro table is perfect for that setting! I'm guessing again on the object in the last post. Could it be a container that holds water to shake on clothes when you're ironing?
    Pretty soon you have to tell!!

  8. Susie,
    You got it! I posted more about it in the comment above.

  9. Beautiful bistro table. You can also add some cheap bar stools. They function like any other barstool, and they're very affordable.


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