Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's Blooming Today?

I always enjoy these drumstick allium. In a short while they will turn pink.

My hanging baskets are finally beginning to fill out. In another week they should be looking pretty decent (even if they all do have pink petunias instead of purple). The mallow has started blooming. I removed tons of this last fall because it was becoming quite the pest--reseeding all over the place. It's shorter than usual. I have noticed that most of my plants are on the short side this year.

Here's my driftwood with lychnis coronaria and Sweet William blooming in front of it.

I am still amazed when I look through the woodland arbor and see how nice it looks. This is not even part of the garden. Just the woods where I toss stuff out. Right now it's full of feverfew, lychnis and Sweet William.

At the moment I have quite the pastel palette going on.

Except for this:

As you can see some of the orange lilies have crept in.

Lostroses, does this color scheme look familiar? LOL

In just a few days, the colors will change to mostly orange and red.


  1. See that, you have such a green thumb, even the woods where you "just throw stuff out" looks amazing! lol Everything is looking so gorgeous, Zoey...every day when I go outside and check what has bloomed I get all excited! lol xox

  2. Beautiful! I love your gardens. Even the "toss out" spaces are gorgeous!

  3. It's looking really nice Zoey..
    Funny how you say that everything of yours is shorter. We were just commenting on how "leggy" all our plants are this year. My water lilly are growing stems about a foot long!

  4. In our unusually wet year with less sun, we have leggy plants like Susie's.

    Zoey, your toss-out garden is a fine idea... guess I'll start pitching seed heads in the no-man's land behind the shed and see what happens.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Annie,
    I thought of you when I was watching all that rain Texas was getting yesterday. I hope you didn't get quite so much!

    Did you get a lot of rain, too? I blame my shortness on lack of rain.

    Laurie,Pea, and Kris, Thanks so much for the kind words.

  6. Everything looks nice. You definitely have a 'naturalized' area behind the trellis there. Sweet Williams are one of my favorites.

  7. Oh yeah, that's a familiar sight, Zoey! And I like your unplanned pink hanging baskets.

    Gosh, I wish I had a spot where I just toss things out and it looks like a charming garden path!


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