Monday, June 11, 2007

15 Down and I To Go

The deer found my hosta over the weekend. I counted 15 missing leaves on this one. At least it's the only one they ate. Something must have scared them off.

I got the Hinder out and sprayed all my hosta and lilies. I will be just heartsick if they eat the Asiatic Tango lilies I planted last fall.

Speaking of the lilies, they have this white film over the buds. I don't recall any other lilies having this. Anybody know what it is? It seems like only the new Tango lilies have it.

Here's my peony almost ready to bloom. I still don't see any ants on it, which is strange.

DH bought me 2 of those metal planters at that church sale where he bought the Tonka truck. The containers already had drainage holes drilled in. I didn't have anything to plant in them and didn't feel like getting dressed to go shopping, so I walked around the yard to see what I could dig up. I decided I could part with a few marigolds from the big planters at the entrance to the deck. I have oodles of rose campion (lychnis coronaria) this year, so I dug some of that up. It has very bright magenta flowers. Whoa! This will be one bright planter. But since I am stuck with the hot pink/orange in all of my hanging baskets, I decided to embrace the color scheme.

Yesterday I brought up another table and 4 of my metal bistro chairs. Every year these chairs get painted. DH power washed them to remove the loose paint.

I thought they looked pretty artistic just the way they were. All those paint colors are the same colors as in my cushions.

So I left them as is. I planted more rose campion and placed it on the floor. It's all droopy because it likes to sulk a day or two after I yank it from the ground. I also have some Elephant's Ear in the same pot. I think the big leaves will look nice here.

Well, that's all I have time for because I have to shower and get to work.


  1. Hmmm, I have lots of rose campion in the rock garden where it self seeds madly, but I never thought to pot them up. Thanks for another good idea!

  2. Looks like your chairs were actually painted to look like that. You may want to give the seats a spray with clear varnish so no other paint comes off.

  3. Your container gardening promises to be especially colorful this year, Zoey! Remember the orange zinnias I planted in the "Mexican corner"? The neon pink Zepherine rose behind them is now in bloom and it almost makes me nervous to look at them together! Ha ha.

    You're right, the chairs were meant to be left as is.

  4. I like the way those chairs came out! Bummer about the deer - we are very lucky here - between the deadend street, the lake and a very busy main road, I don't have them. But they're rampant in other parts of the Cities.

  5. Zoey, I think maybe the foamy white stuff on your lilies is "spittle." Really, I'm not making this up. It is fairly common on a host of herbaceous plants. You might find several spittle globs on a single plant. The spittle is a mixture of a liquid goo and air bubbles secreted by the spittle bug nymph. It protects the nymph from predators until it can get away.

    The foam itself does little harm to your plants. Just spray it off with a good stream of water, perhaps from a hose. Works for me.

    south central Michigan

  6. Welcome, Priscilla!

    Thanks so much for trying to help me. I do get spittle on some plants, especially feverfew. I used to go along the stem with my finger and squish the little bug that lives in the foam!

    This white stuff is different. It's more like a web and is not wet.

    Any other ideas?

  7. Lookie here. Maybe it's normal for Tango lilies:


  8. Priscilla,
    Thanks so much! I googled when I posted this because I was wondering if it was normal, but I didn't find anything.

    The Tangos do look all mottled (like they have a disease) and I thought maybe the white stuff does something to cause that effect.

    I have since noticed that only the Tangos have it and they ALL have it.

    They should be blooming in a few weeks so it will be interesting to see what they look like.

  9. You're welcome!

    And please post pics of the Tangos when they're blooming.


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