Saturday, June 9, 2007

Boring Cushion

I crawled under the house this morning to bring out some more deck accessories. Last year I didn't use the cushions for this set because they were just too dull. Today I decided to use them with a little change.

I had no time to sew new cushions, so I just pinned fabric around the old one.

Remember this fabric? I used it for my Easter table.

That's much better .
It's no longer boring!

I rounded up all of my sad-looking plants. When massed like this they look much better.

My birdhouse planter was without a plant so I just put a glass of water inside and added a few poppies and some dame's rocket. You can see it sitting on the floor next to the glider in the next picture.

DH went to a church sale today. He was the first one in the door and he got this 1959 Tonka truck. I thought we'd use it today as a deck prop.

The area you see above is just the center of my deck. I still have this long side to work on

and this shorter side.

I can see I am going to have to buy more plants!

DH cooked a small beef roast on the grill. I seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic. He seared both sides, then wrapped in foil and let it cook for about an hour.
It was so good we went back to the grocery store after dinner and bought two more for the freezer.

I am hoping for more rain tonight so my grass stays green. My gardens are in an ugly period now that all the purple creeping phlox and most of the orange poppies have finished.


  1. WOW, Zoey, you porch is just amazing. That's an outdoor room that I would be spending all of my time in. I love what you did to the cushion and the quilt and pillow add just the right amount of charm.

  2. So colorful! Love the fabric you chose for the deck chairs.
    1959 was a very good year-good find!
    Your deck is so large, I'm jealous. I'm sure you'll fill it up nicely

  3. Great looking refurbished chair cushions! Pins? That's when I haul out the staple gun. That was a great idea to use a glass of water and add cut flowers to your birdhouse planter, but then you're full of great ideas!

  4. Hi quilting kim, Thank you. I do spend all of my free time out there. It takes quite a bit of time just to water the plants every day.

    Dianne, Is that your birth year?

    Lostroses, I love my staple gun, too. Pins will be easy to remove to wash, etc. I am thinking of leaving the birdhouse planter empty and just filling it with whatever is in bloom. That way I can enjoy some of the perennials while I sit on the deck.

  5. OH MY GOSH Zoey! Your deck/porch is sooo beautiful! What a tranformation on the chair cushion! I would love to sit a spell with you and visit the day away!

  6. I love the new fabric! Much better than the old. Your deck looks fantastic.

  7. You did such a wonderful job brightening up the area with those colors!
    The tonka truck is such a fun find!

  8. What a difference in your chair cushions - lovely fabric.

    I'm so impressed with your deck, Zoey. Do you know what the area of all of the decks is?

    You certainly have plenty of room and scope to indulge your passion for plants, and I love the way you change them around giving a completely different outlook.

  9. Oh I love the new cushion look - what a great area of your deck - so colorful and welcoming! I'd like to stop in for a cold one and just sit a spell!! Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the deck. You are really very talented!


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