Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's a Good Girl like Me, doing in a Place like This?

Early this morning, I was up on a ladder cleaning the lights in the kitchen. I thought I'd have a little fun with this picture. :)

Somehow this minor task led to a full day of heavy cleaning. I was up and down the ladder for a couple of hours washing cookie jars and the tops of the cupboards. Then I was on my hands/knees washing floors. Is there no end to a woman's work?

I removed all these cookbooks and gave the shelf a good cleaning. There. Doesn't that look nice and tidy?

I pulled out the desk drawer and just did a quick wipe of one of the cubbies to remove dust.
It always looks this clean because I NEVER use it. Way in the back there is a box of staples with the office store name of the town I lived in 24 years ago. LOL. Guess I don't staple much.

Yesterday I mentioned watching tapes of HGTV. A few days ago Dianne was trying to find a place to put her tapes so I thought I'd show you where I keep some of mine. It requires a bit of thinking outside the box, or should I say "vase".

I have two large vases and I have filled each one with tapes.
I stick an old dish towel over the top to keep the dust out.
Nobody would ever guess those big vases are full of taped episodes from HGTV!

I'm really tired of cooking & cleaning. I didn't get my pink/black double star quilt blocks finished because I spent too much time up on the ladder hunting dust bunnies.

Now I am too pooped to even sew.

I can't wait to fall into my bed with the freshly cleaned sheets so I can get all refreshed to go to work tomorrow.


  1. There've got everything nice and tidy! I'm sure you will sleep well tonight!
    Do you hang your blankets and pillows outside in that is a fresh scent!

  2. I got all distracted today and didn't even get the basic cleaning done. Your house must just sparkle. And what a clever way to store those ugly VHS tapes!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. You've been a busy bee. I love organizing projects and how nice they look when they're done.
    What a clever way to store your tapes!

  4. Hi Zoey,

    Just catching up on your latest posts and my, but you've been busy!

    I love what you did with the table. Like you, I surround myself with things that mean much to me as they were given or made by members of my family. I still have and use the apron my eldest son stitched in 8th grade. He's almost 38 now.

    Your quilting is coming along quite nicely. I love the patterns and the framed ones are beautiful where you placed them. Now, would you please come help clean my kitchen?

  5. I was doing similar cleaning (not deep cleaning yet) at my mom's on Sunday.
    Hey, where's a photo of the turkey dinner? : )
    Thanks for the vase idea. I failed to mention that I have this huge coffee table with storage space underneath which is also filled to the brim with VHS tapes. I think I'm tossing the 20 yr old tapes, making reference to what I may want on DVD (I'm not really a big movie collector anymore) and go from there.
    Your new squares are so pretty!

  6. Hi Betty, I don't even hang my sheets out in the summer. I have no clothesline so it all goes in the dryer.

    Carol, Believe me, everything is not sparkling. I could work for a full week and still have more to do.

    Susie, I love to organize, too. I just wish it would stay that way a little longer.

    Giddy, how sweet that you still have the apron. Was your son in a sewing class when he made it? About your kitchen--I work for home baked bread. Deal? LOL.

    Dianne, by the time we ate the turkey I was too darn pooped to push the button on the camera!

  7. Hey Zoey..does that mean you'll come clean my house too...I have freshly baked homemade bread for you!


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