Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Remember my Full Figured Snow Lady?

Well, she went on a diet!
There's not much left of her after our warm spell. Last night we had a lightening & thunder storm with over 1.5 inches of rain.
Where was all that rain when I needed it in July?
I had an extra long work day as a convention group came in just as I was ready to leave. Of course, I didn't leave. I spent an hour and a half talking with them. Thank goodness for that soup I put in the freezer in December.
While it was heating up from its frozen state, I worked on my nine patch within a nine patch block. Here it is propped up on the sofa.

What do you think?

The center star is not exactly identical to the outer star as I ran out fabric. I was in no mood to go to the basement to paw through fabric bins so I just used whatever I could find in my sewing room that was similar.

I think I'm liking it as a pillow.


  1. I'm liking it for a pillow too..very pretty, Zoey..such a neat star design!
    I'm sure you were happy for that extra soup you had in the freezer..I love it when I have "ready made" meals to pop out of the freezer. I'm right out of those now so must get busy and do some extra cooking.

  2. One more question...what kind of diet was Snow Lady on? I just don't want to go on that one...too much weight loss I'm thinking..

  3. Zoey, I'll post the directions tomorrow. Looks great as a pillow!

  4. It seems like your snow lady lasted a long time!

  5. Love your pillow! Poor snow lady - I've tried standing in the rain to see if I'll shrink, but so far no luck!

  6. Ah, if dieting were only that simple!
    Your block is beautiful - I love the colors.

  7. This is so pretty and cheery and I think would make a nice addition to your sofa there.

  8. Oh your poor snow-lady . . . she needs some coffee with cream and some chocolate! more calories please!


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