Friday, January 18, 2008

Bitter Cold Weekend Predicted

It's the perfect weather to spend a little time quilting.

Since I am still sewing machineless, I have plenty of time to work on "Roses are Red, Borders are Blue".

I was hoping to get away this weekend, but after checking the internet weather sources, it appears that there are weather warnings in all directions.

So I guess it's two days of cleaning, cooking, reading & quilting. I am off now to finish reading the latest Elm Creek Quilts novel, 'The New Year's Quilt'. I must say that I am a bit disappointed in this one. Anybody else read it?

What's everyone else doing this weekend?


  1. Sounds like I'm doing the same thing you are! Cooking-ah, maybe on Sunday. I want to try a few recipes I found in my new food magazines, one of which in non baked Bourbon balls. I still have some Christmas cookie ingredients I want to use up.
    I want to try a small quilt and was thinking about the fabrics I have had gathered in a plastic shoebox for a number of years now. Maybe I'll get that out too!

  2. Perfect weekend to stay inside..with windchill it's -37C here and not supposed to warm up anytime soon!!
    I will read,bake and clean this weekend..also am working on a photo album which I'll try to finish.

  3. Dianne,
    I was thinking of making some valentine sugar cookies if I get really ambitious. DH loves frosted sugar cookies, but they are a lot of work. I hope you start your quilt!

    Betty, Do you do the scrapbooking photo albums? I spent a couple of years doing that. It was great fun! What are you reading?

  4. Cold here too, low is to be 10 tomorrow morning and lower on Sunday. I am working a a horse quilt for a twin bed, I have two rows left to put it together. I have a ham to bake. Might make a carrot cake, have a new recipe that makes only a 9 inch sq one. Tomorrow I will pick up the oak antique step back hutch I brought and bring it home and arrange all my pottery in it. It has 2 glass doors to show my pretties off!

  5. Hi Patti,
    a recipe for a 9-inch carrot cake sounds like a good one to have for only two people. Are you going to post the recipe on your blog?

    I bet you will have a lot of fun playing with your pottery arrangement in your new oak cabinet.

    It sounds like we are all doing about the same things this weekend!

  6. Hey, Zoey, I hope you don't freeze to death! We are supposed to get some snow here, but not a lot. Yesterday I painted my bathroom, will do more on Monday. Sunday- church! And a nap!

  7. Hi Zoey,
    Looks like a cozy place to cuddle during cold weather. We've got high winds and it's chilly here too.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Cold here too! But I was able to get out to the fabric store yesterday. I saw the orange dot and turquoise embroidered fabric in your last post on the tables.

    I got mostly shirt fabric for spring. Can you believe the new fabric is already picked over??

  9. I just got the latest Elm Crek book from the library. Now I'm wondering if I'll be disappointed too. I'll let you know.


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