Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thinking of a New Color Scheme for the Deck in '08




Lime Green

I think this would be a vibrant summery color scheme.

Orange would be the accent color.

Giddy mentioned gardening on a comment earlier in the week and now she has me thinking of summer! (not a bad thing to think about on this slushy, snowy day.)

I think my big orange cannas would look great with this color scheme.

I would have to make all new pillows, glider quilt and chair throws after I find fabric in the chosen scheme. Hopefully I would have it all in my ever-increasing stash, but probably not. I think I have used most of my orange fabrics this past fall. It would be a lot of work...................


  1. Those are great colors Zoey, orange being my fave. I think I too will do some cushions in orange and maybe pick up some rusty orange colored pots...oh now I am getting excited about spring..yes it does make the winter days brighter with thoughts of spring and planting.

  2. I like the color choices also! You'll have to have an array of oranges-lots of marigolds for fillers.
    And the amaryllis on my site is the same one I showed you guys last week.

  3. This sounds wonderful! I am having a vision of the deck and gardens now. Have fun.

  4. Great colors! They would look beautifun on your deck furniture. Sounds like fun!


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