Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HUSQVARNA VIKING® Introduces New Top-of-the-Line SAPPHIRE™ Sewing Machine with Quilting Innovations

and I am now a proud owner!

Yes, after spending the past few days reading reviews and making two trips to the local dealer's shop, I decided to forget about fixing the old machine. I went there after work today and I came home with this.


After years of happily sewing with just one straight stitch, I now have 137 different stitches and 4 alphabets. I can write my name by programming it in to this computerized machine. I will be spending many hours learning how to use this one.

I found it very interesting that this machine is marketed directly to quilters, yet there are no special quilting accessories included. Not a one. You need to purchase the "quilter's kit" which includes 3 or 4 feet needed for quilting and a table extension that adds on at the front to give you more support for large pieces of fabric. This kit is in the $300 range. If you order it on the day you buy the machine, you get 20% off. Of course I had to order it. It's the reason I want the machine.

I hope I find that all the bells and whistles are worth the price.


  1. Good for you Zoey..with all the quilting you do I think you deserve a good machine with the right accessories!
    I'm wondering what you will come up with now...will we see a lot of embroidered names and such?

  2. No embroidery, Betty. You can do words, but it does not look as good as embroidery. In fact I told the guy I wasn't too impressed with the alphabet feature. He said they are coming out soon with a model that does do embrodiery. It's an extra $2,000! LOL. I told him I didn't need it for that price.

    It's funny you asked that question as I was just looking at the two blocks I made and wondering what the difference was between those and the one I made with the old machine....not a darn thing! The difference will be when I actually do the quilting stitches on the machine. I understand it takes quite some time to learn, so don't hold your breath waiting!

  3. I'm so excited for you! Good choice!! I can't wait to see what you make with the fancy stitches and lettering. I'd get the extension kit too. You sure deserve a new 'toy'!

  4. I think people spend more $ on quilting (and crafts) at fabric stores today than they do to make clothes, so the focus of the marketing goes to those two groups. The new machine sounds exciting, keep us all posted on your experience with it.

  5. Congratulations, Zoey - sometimes you just have to start over instead of stringing the old machine along. Isn't there something sort of fun about saying Husqvarna with whatever Swedish accent you can manage?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. I own this machine and the reason it is aimed at quilter is because of the distance between the needle and the machine it has the largest space available on the market. I like the machine but havent had time to use it to much yet. I wasnt offered the quilters package..but they did throw in a walking foot...I have a quilting table it drops into so I dont need the table....I hope you like it..Toni

  7. I put the Sapphire 870 Q on Lay-away because the dealer did not have one in stock. How do you like it now that you have used it for a few more months?

  8. I was in with the Viking store manager last week and she told me that the newer Sapphire's will not be manufactured in Sweden. They are opening up a new plant in Asia. So if you want to buy while they are still being made in Sweden - make sure to ask the sales rep and look at the box!


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