Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Partygoers were Nestled all Snug in their Beds with Visions of Fun still in their Heads

If the lefover bottles on this poolside table reflect last night's party activities, then I am sure many of our hotel guests had a lot of fun last night.

The hotel had its annual NYE party.

I brought my camera in early this morning to snap a few of the "day after" photos. I was surprised that the place didn't look too bad. In past years it was much more of a mess.

By the time I got in at 6:30 a.m. today, the housekeeping staff had already started the clean up.

Decorations were tossed aside waiting for the decorator to come and pick them up.

Tables were being folded and chairs were being stacked.
The floor was still littered with hints of last night's activities.

Someone dropped an egg roll as well as a couple of their drink tickets. Those three blue tickets could have been redeemed for three alcoholic beverages.

Perhaps the person dropping them had already consumed more than enough alcohol.

Can't you just imagine 160 people blowing noise makers and tossing streamers at the stroke of midnight?
I even found one of the tickets I made for the event on the floor under a table.

The night auditor was very calm this morning which indicates that everything went well and 2008 arrived without incident.

I worked for just a few hours this morning.

Now I am ready to make frosting for my cake and then sew until it's time to leave for the family dinner party.

Happy New Year to all of my blog readers!


  1. Looked like fun! I was happy to stay home and watch the ball drop in Time's Square and to know I've been there at one time.

  2. Happy New Year's to you, Zoey. I am looking forward to your blogs in 2008. You have so many great ideas!!


  3. Dianne, You actually got to see the new year in-It's been years since I have stayed up late enough to see the ball drop!

    Janet, So glad to have you comment. Thank you for the nice words.

  4. We spent the evening at home and I actually managed to stay up to "watch the ball drop"...first time in many years. Then the neighbors set off fireworks which definetly was worth staying up for.
    Do you have plans for "all" your cakes??
    Happy New Year my friend!

  5. Betty,
    Our neighbors set off fireworks, too. I didn't hear any of it, but it woke DH up.

    I took only the large cake and there is only a couple of pieces left. Everyone thought it was quite good. I didn't mention the fingernail incident. :)

  6. ~Happy New Year~
    I have been away and i sure miss my gardening-blogger pals!
    Hope your year is full of goodness, peace and love and lots of flowers!

  7. Happy New Year to you, Zoey - that looks like quite a party... we've never been to one in a public setting like a hotel - always at home or someone's house.

    I've been gone for a few weeks and am blog hopping, trying to catch up - it's impossible!! Everyone kept posting!!

    Hope you manage to keep all of your nails for awhile ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    [who is stubbornly keeping up all the Christmas decorations and the outside lights...our extended family follows the January 6th tradition.]

  8. Hi Zoey - I just spent about 2 hours catching up on your blog!! You've been busy, and I haven't been here in awhile!

    It looks like your Christmas parties were very successful - I like the treasure hunt idea.

    Your Starry Log quilt is gorgeous - very, very pretty.

    Happy New Year, Zoey!!

  9. Hallo Zoey,

    Happy new year to ya! I just stumbled upon your blog, whilst looking into Cannas. I must say I have found it to be very informative, witty and encouraging. Keep up the god work luv....

    Greetings from a transplanted Brit, now living in Canada, and new to gardening :-)


  10. Looks like a wonderful New Year Party! Though I'm please I don't have to clean it up!


  11. And a Happy New Year to you, Zoey! I did my usual this new years; went to bed at 9, rolled over at 12, wished H a happy new year, rolled back over and went to sleep again! Same scenario every year. "-)

  12. Becky, Welcome back! I hope your year is full of flowers,too!

    Annie, I just got back from getting all my nails fixed. :) I still have 4 trees up, too.

    Kris, nice to see you again. Yes, I had a very busy December. It was fun!

    MJ, Welcome! I have noticed a lot of people searching for cannas and callas since Jan. 1. I guess flowers are on everyone's mind now that the holidays are over.

    Sally, I am glad I didn't have to clean it up, too!

    Giddy, LOL. I was in bed at 9, too, but I didn't wake up a MIdnight.

  13. Here's another greata quilt blog I found, (Like we don't have enough to read) http://quiltville.com/index.html


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