Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How Could I Resist Tangerine Clip Dots and Lime Dip?

No, it's not nouvelle cuisine .

Immediately after work today, I headed to Joanne's fabric store to see if there was anything I wanted to buy before my 50% coupon expired.

Imagine my sheer delight when I discovered it was another of those "half-off-the-already-clearanced-fabric" sales.... I still get a tad dizzy just thinking about seeing that little red sign.

I decided to look for a few fabrics to use for my new deck color scheme and I hit the jackpot! The orange on top is heavily textured with nubby pieces of thread all over it; hence, the name "Tangerine Clip Dots".

Not only did I find some perfectly-colored fabric, but I also found these plastic plates. They were in the Christmas aisle and were 70% off! They don't look like Christmas to me at all. The plates are sitting on "Lime Dip", a wonderful solid fabric in two shades of lime green.

Of course, I found other fabric, too.

And ANOTHER tote bag pattern! If you remember I keep buying these and have yet to make a tote bag. I plan to make a couple for grocery shopping. It seems to be the thing to do these days and I am sure mine will hold up better than those plastic bags that split open all the time.

Oh, and I did find something to use my 50% off coupon --a package of 10 sewing machine needles to replace the four I broke last week. Now, if only I had a sewing machine!

I stopped at my sister T's on the way home to return a big stack of quilting magazines. I happened to mention the Juki machine I found online.

You will never believe it, but she OWNS that same machine! What are the odds of that? I never paid any attention to the machine she used on her frame.

After talking to her, I am glad I did not rush out and buy it. The machine works fine, but it is nearly impossible to find parts for it. She spent many hours searching online for a bobbin part last year when she bought hers. When she finally found one, she called and couldn't order it because she was not a dealer. After many more hours of searching, she finally found a MI dealer who was willing to order it for her and then ship it to her. She said it was a pain and she is not looking forward to any future repairs.

I have always felt it best to buy local and that is what I will end up doing. I still have not heard from the repair man on my machine. I do hope it can be fixed so that I don't have to rush to buy a new one.


  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot! Can't wait to see what you do with the deck fabrics.

  2. Oh I am so lovin' those colors, Zoey..wanna make up a set for me too?? Can't believe all those bargains you find! I should be shopping with you but then what would I do with the fabric?? Oh you could use my sewing machine and...I can dream right? LOL
    Love those plates too and I don't think they look Christmasy, they look like spring time...ahhh I can almost smell spring just looking at your color palette!

  3. Gotta love those 50% off sales. I didn't get to JoAnn's this time around. My mom has one a few minutes from her house. I miss my chauffeur (aka Sean) and I have an older vehicle and don't want to be out after dark driving-what an old lady I am! LOL
    I really like your fabric choices. :)

  4. Wow! I am struck by the great deals AND the fact that you were able to get colors you were looking for. I'm looking forward to vicarious enjoyment, so keep us all posted about your deck decorating project. I would be totally green with envy had I not gone to good old JoAnn's with three of my daughters and two grandkids. We (and when I say we, I mean me) are making pajama pants for the grand kids and youngest daughter (who is 12). ONe daughter bought fabric to make her own pj pants, so I gave my 50% coupon to her.

  5. Hey Zoey..congrats on your win...from MsGreen'thumb'Jean!!

  6. what win?

    I must run over to Jean's right now!

  7. You've been finding some great bargains! Oh that's too bad about your sewing machine being on the blink, but glad you found a place to get it fixed. What a bit of luck that your sister had a Juki and could give you good advise about it.
    You sure get great exercise making those big quilts!!
    I had a good chuckle about your lost fingernail, but the one you hurt looked very sore, poor thing. I hate it when that happens. It hurts like the dickens!
    This might be the winter that you'll get one of those tote bags made! :)

  8. Congratulations on winning Jean's giveaway, dear Zoey...I told her since I didn't win it, then I'm glad it was you who did! lol Wow, you certainly did find a great deal on that material and I'm so loving the colours! I've just read your last couple of posts and I really like your choice of colours for your will look fantastic! xox

  9. What with the historic drought and no end in sight, I'm afraid this summer I'll be enjoying your gardening efforts even more. I wish I could give you my old Singer but shipping alone would be worth the price. Serendipitous that your sis had the same machine you were thinking about.


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