Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gold Beaded Charger Plates

I forgot to show you one of my very best after Christmas bargains.

I have been wanting these chargers since I first saw them in early December. I liked them so much I almost paid full price ( $7.00 each). In early December I even had them in my cart. Thankfully I was overcome by common sense, and I put them back as I really don't need any more charger plates.

One day last week I was strolling merrily along the main aisle at Wally's World when what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A big 75% off sign on a holiday linen display!

Let me assure you those cart wheels burned rubber to get to that table. I picked up a few tablecloths, then put them back. You saw my china cabinet FULL of table linen. I just have no room for more. I was pretty proud of myself for putting back linen that was nearly free.

Then I looked down to the floor-level shelf. Oh, my, there they were! A stack of ten of the chargers I almost bought a month ago. AT 75% OFF!!

It's a good thing there was nobody in front of me. I would have knocked them over to get to the stack first.

Are they not simply gorgeous?

Sometimes patience is indeed a virtue.


  1. Those charger plates look fabulous and what a bargain, Zoey! I am glad I and my cart were not in your

  2. Wow-so pretty! What a bargain...I'll have to go to my Wally World. I say some in red somewhere and they are even more that $7.

  3. passed up the tablecloths, eh? That is my weakness, but they have to be a great deal (i.e., less than $10) for me to consider adding them to my collection. Congrats on finding a great deal !

  4. Oh wow, I've never seen any like those before...our WalMart didn't carry those or I would have noticed them! lol They truly are gorgeous and I can just imagine how beautiful your table will look like using those! Your poor snow!! xox

  5. I love finding a great bargain. This year I restrained myself and only bought a few penguin bowls and plates at Target for half off. And of course, some fabric. :)

  6. Betty, I'm glad you were not in my way, too! :)

    Dianne, I think I've seen them in red last year. Wouln't that have been nice for Valentines Day!

    Muum, these tablecloths were like $2.00. I am still amazed that I put them back!

    Pea, I wish I could lose weight so fast. :)

    Chopsticks, I noticed that Joanne's had penguins on everything this year, too. They were cute, but I didn't really get the penguin/Christmas thing. They had a lot of Debbie Mumm cake plates, serving items, etc.

  7. Hi Zoey
    Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. It is always so exciting when I meet someone new in blogland! I see that we have common interests: quilting ans gardening. Rhondi

  8. These are beautiful! Enjoy them.


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