Thursday, January 10, 2008

Like Coffee without Cream

Like chocolate without sugar

Like warm bread without butter...

You can certainly live without them all, but who would want to? Thus is my life without my sewing machine.

I was so distressed this morning when I could not sew before going to work. Instead of sewing, I vacuumed the whole house at 6:30 a.m. See the effect it has already had on my mental state!

Yesterday afternoon the needle snapped after hitting the metal of the bobbin case. I don't know what exactly happened, but I have had no luck trying to get it to work. The needle continues to hit the metal.

I have a problem because the only sewing machine repair shop in town closed a few years ago. Other than Joanne's we don't even have any place that sells machines.

Now I will have to spend time thinking about what kind to buy, learning how to use a new one, etc.

I can't begin to tell you how unappealing that is to me.

I was quite happy with the old machine that only sewed a straight line (all the other features have long since broken).

Does anyone have any recommendations for features to look for? All I want to do with it is paper piece quilts, make home decorating items like curtians, and mend/hem cothes. I guess now would be the time to get one that I would be able to machine quilt the smaller quilts, too.

I am open to all suggestions.


  1. oh, can't you find someone else to fix it? Or do you think this machine is truly dead? I would look around for a repairman, somewhere? vacuum cleaners, etc.??? New machines are expensive.

  2. It may be more expensive to fix it and comparable to getting a new machine. I have a fairly new one I bought at a QVC outlet store. It does some fancy stitches, but it's a pretty basic machine-starts with a 'J'. I know some people buy from eBay. You can see if anyone in your area is selling machines. There's also the free cycle Yahoo group. Someone may be more than happy to give you a free sewing machine. I think Target and Sears would sell them too.
    Here's some on Amazon...some expensive to cheaper...go down to the bottom of the page...

  3. Zoey~
    I had that happen before and it was just something out of adjustment.
    Our Joanne's store does not repair machines but they gave me the name of a local man that does.Check it out before you buy.

  4. Sorry I can't help you out...I know zilch about sewing machines! I love to hear all about your sewing though so I hope you soon have help with repairing your sewing machine.

  5. Oh no! :(

    My mom buys sewing machines from thrift stores for around $15. You could try hitting up some in your area?


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