Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things are Looking Up

I found a sewing machine repair shop in town. They also sell the very high quality (with a corresponding price)Husqvarna/Viking line of machines.

So I trotted off early this morning to drop off my old machine. Just the price of a tune up is more than the old thing is worth. I took a quick look at the new machines, but was not terribly interested. You have to be in the mood to shop for a new machine. I was not in the mood.

I was dismayed to hear that it will be approximately 2 weeks before I get my machine back. I was hoping the tech was just sitting around with nothing to do and he'd have it done by this afternoon. :) O.K. so I know I was dreaming.

I am afraid to order the Juki online. What will I do when I need repairs?

I need to do more research. It would be far better to buy locally even if it will cost more money. They will give me as many classes as I need to learn how to operate the machine, too.

So I will pay to have mine fixed and then I will be in no hurry to get a new one. Which means that I will probably procrastinate until it breaks down again. The last repair tag was still secured on the handle of my case. It was March of 1997. If this repair lasts as long I may not have to think about it for a long time!

Today I finally took down the Christmas trees in the family room. The room is now void of any decorative charm.

The whole entertainment center is bare as I've decided to use different accessories than what I had up there previously. Trouble is, I have no idea what and I have no creative energy this weekend. So it will sit bare until I do.

Since I am stuck home this weekend, I could have accomplished a lot, if I wasn't so blah. Hopefully I will have a spurt of energy tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes those spots look goood when they are bare for will like it so much more when you put things out again. I sometimes move things around and even if I don't like it I leave it for awhile then put it back where it was in the first place..playing tricks with my
    I think you made a good move to have your sewing machine repaired unless of course the cost is like a new one..
    Will you be reading now instead of sewing till you get your machine back??

  2. is nice to see a pic of you again!

  3. Hi Zoey,
    Love the picture of you. I have a 39 year old Singer on its last legs. I dread the thought of learning all about a new one. I'll be anxious to hear what you end up with.

  4. I'm confused, you are definitely having the old machine repaired or are they just looking at it and giving you an estimate?
    When we had to get our tv repaired, they charge a $25 fee and then tell you if it's going to be worth fixing before you hand out more money.
    I wonder if JoAnn's has sales on their machines ofteb, just in case you need a new one.
    I agree, nice to see a new photo of you!
    I wasn't smiling much today, I hate to see Sean go, but he made it to school fine. He's still at the age where he'll drive me around and go shopping with me (though not in the same department of the store). That's one reason I miss him. And not seeing his face everyday.

  5. Dear Zoey, I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing! You inspire me!
    Maybe i can learn yet!

  6. This time of year it's easy to get the blahs. Since you have time on your hands while waiting for the sewing machine to be repaired, you can spend time reading past issues of gardening magazines and planning your garden.

  7. Betty, I have done the same with furniture rearranging. Usually I find that whatever I had first is the best arrangement so when I change it I never like it as well. Then when I change it back, I'm happy for a while.

    Susie, that's my feeling exactly. Maybe I am just getting too old to want to learn new things!

    Dianne, I am confused, too! LOL. I am getting it fixed unless the guy can't fix it or it's super expensive. I am just assuming it can be. Then I will take my time finding a new one.

    Becky, you can learn! You would probably be surprised how easy it is.

    Giddy, I have started a novel this weekend. It's usually in February when I get into the gardening magazines. I brought a whole basket of them up from the basement so they are ready when I am!


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