Saturday, January 26, 2008

Framed Quilt Blocks

Before my sewing machine died, I was working on some small quilts to frame for wall art.

This morning I finished them. I must say that I'm getting warm fuzzies from the one with the purple stripes. I am glad I like it because it took a while with all those tiny little pieces.

Here they are on the wall.

Now I am going to work on a few more blocks for the sofa throw. I made one already this morning, but I need three more.

This is going to be another stay at home weekend filled with cooking and sewing. DH wants meatloaf tonight and tomorrow I am cooking a 14 lb. turkey. It's been in the freezer since November so I thought I'd better get it cooked before it gets freezer burn. I also have a pumpkin pie in the freezer so I'll cook that, too. It will be just like Thanksgiving. I even have a can of cranberry sauce in the refrigerator.


  1. Okay lady...give me some of your energy!!
    I cooked a turkey yesterday but alas I have no pumpkin pie to go with that..
    Have a fun weekend with your sewing...that machine is getting some mileage...

  2. I'm comin' right over for some meatloaf...and I may as well spend the night so that I can have some turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow! hehe I SO love those framed quilt blocks you made...they look perfect where you've hung them. Also love the way you covered that old me there is nothing more special than something handmade and passed down through the years.

    I'm hoping to have my computer room back in a week or so...I'm really missing being a regular blogger but I just get too uncomfortable sitting for too long where I've got the computer set up in the basement. I'm so loving the way the room is shaping up though:-) I went shopping again yesterday and bought the blinds, a quilt to hang over the glider chair I'll put in there, a gorgeous shabby chic mirror, a small round decorator table, etc. Today I varnished all the baseboards and painted the frame around the window. You asked who "E" is...well, he's my husband Eddie. We've been separated for the last 7 years but share the house...that works best for us right now. Good thing we've remained friends! lol Anyway, he agreed to put the laminate floor down for me.

    Take good care and have a great weekend:-) xox

  3. All your quilted pieces look beautiful in your living room! Have you decorated like this in the past or is this something new for the living room area?
    Yum turkey! Have a great January Thanksgiving. : )

  4. I was wondering what the neat pointy decor with the cut out middles were on top of your hutch?

  5. Betty, Late January must be turkey time. One of the ladies I work with made turkey last week, too.

    Pea, I can't wait to see your room when it's finished! I can't believe you are doing all that work yourself--well, with a little help from "E". It's nice to remain friends. I get along well with my Ex, too.

    Dianne, the quilted "art" is something I've been going to do for years, but never did until now. I took down 9 lighthouse pictures that were in there because I wanted a new look.
    Aren't those pointy wooden things cool? I bought them about a month ago at Joanne's. So far I have had them on top of three different china cabinets. They seem to work in every room.


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