Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Teeny Tiny Star Block is Done

There are 45 pieces that make up this nine-patch block. Most are the size of my thumb nail. It measures 4.5 inches.

It was not hard at all.

Yesterday morning I was ready for work 1/2 hour early. I decided to spend the time working on the 8 remaining blocks. I finished them all in exactly thirty minutes.

Now I have to find a use for these cute little stars. I am pretty sure the two I have done will end up in the points at each end of a table runner.

I am also considering them as the center block for the same star. It would finish as a big 13-inch star with a clone of itself in the middle. I have always admired others work when I've seen blocks like that. Before computers I would never have been able to figure out how to size my own pattern to fit. It's a snap to do with the help of computers so I will most certainly try one of them. It may become a pillow since I really don't want to do a whole quilt. Perhaps I will make a set of new pillows for the living room. I am bored with the current look.


  1. Zoey, I love that black and have used it several times. IDK if you got my message but I do use Carol Doaks CD's. I have her 3 piece set and her 500 pattern book. I just wondered do you print your patterns or trace them? My tip of the day, I purchase kid's tracing paper in the color book isle of Hobby Lobby (cheaper then regular art tracing paper) and I run a sheet at a time through my print. Works great. I did read the other day to use old phonebook pages too, if the design isn't too complicated. Patti

  2. Patti, thanks for answering here as I have not gotten back to read your comment. I thought your stars looked very similar to mine. I use Carol Doak's books, too. Mine came with pattern CD's.

    I print mine on cheap computer paper. I have traced on occasion when I need a reverse image and I am not using a CD that does the reverse image.

    I am having fun with that black fabric, too.

    Great tip on the kid's tracing paper. It would probably tear easier. Some people seem to have a problem removing the paper. I find it quite easy as long as the stitch length is very tiny (1.5).

    Happy piecing!

  3. Love the black with the pinks and purples! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. A snap she says...to me anything to do with sewing is not a snap! Oh well, I will just enjoy your fabulous work and drool and ahh over that..
    Amazing how tiny..thumbnail! Wow!

  5. "It was not hard at all"...so YOU say!!! lol I see you've been very creative again and I must say I just love the pink and black you're using!! It's funny you should mention that you're bored with the current look in your living room...just half an hour ago I was standing in my living room thinking the same thing! lol Isn't this weather unreal? Our snow is melting like crazy and we can see grass everywhere again. Also very foggy! xox

  6. Zoey, you are one patient woman! I cannot even begin to imagine trying to piece something that tiny together. You have my utmost admiration.

  7. I love miniature things and this is just precious. Glad it wasn't hard to do. I hope you don't go to work with threads on your clothes. ; )
    I just assembled something-all glued! It works. : ) It has 4 pieces of cardboard,so that's the best way to work with that. Will share soon.

  8. Jean, Do you make quilts? I know you are pretty crafty, but can't remember if you quilt.

    Betty, If you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine you can make any of these blocks. It looks much more difficult than it is!

    Pea, it's been foggy and raining here for three days. I think a new year always makes me want to change everything in my home!

    Giddy, I think you must be patient to knit like you do! LOL. It always seems like it's difficult when someone else is doing it.

    Dianne, I go to work everyday with threads all over my clothes! It takes half a day before I or my work friends get them all picked off! :)


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