Monday, January 21, 2008

Do You Get the Urge to Change Things in January?

I always do.

So far I have rearranged the living room and dining room.

I have rearranged the insides of 4 china cabinets.

I have removed all of the stuff on the family room entertainment center and boxed it all up for storage. It's still bare, but I will eventually think of something to decorate it with.

Now I am tired of my boring end tables and am going to order two new tables.

I think I will arrange one of the tables with the rear view (forgive the pun) as you come through the entrance door.

What do you think? I think most would agree that it's NOT boring!


  1. You are right that is not BORING..must be quite the conversational piece! LOL
    I too love to organize, clean out 'hardly ever touched' places and move my furniture it a January thing??
    Have you been checking out the gardening magazines yet? I haven't..I think that will have to wait till February.

  2. Betty, I got a couple of gardening magazines in the mail, but I haven't read them yet...too busy working on the quilt.

    I don't really get enthused about gardening until Feb/March. I can't plant anything until the end of May so no sense starting too early.

  3. Great table choice! I'm sure the rear view is even more interesting! I'd love to see how you would decorate around those. I'm sure you would at least have to paint those toe nails to match your decor!

  4. Too funny, Zoey! I love the table, but do you have a big Bhudda to go with it? Bare bellys and butts - the new, edgy decorating.

    I'm hunkering down with my new knitting project, a large felted tote. All that wool on my lap should keep me toasty.

  5. That is some 'end' table. : )
    I would love to rearrange my furniture, but I don't have many options, so I change the paint and decorations instead.

  6. Jean, I never even thought of the toe nail decorating possibilities! I can just imagine what could be done with those. LOL.

    Giddy, bellies and butts--now there's a new decorating style! A wool tote sounds like a great winter project.

    Dianne, "end" table--LOL--that escaped me, too.


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