Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Little Black Shells

I have not been to my favorite clothing site for about five days, so I am not up on what sales are happening.  I decided not to go there because I do not need anything. But today in my email I got a $10 off coupon, so I decided to just take a little peek to see if anything was dirt cheap that I could use my coupon on.

 Well, when I came across this little number, at that great price, I clicked to see if they had my size. 
I was very surprised that they did! I clicked fast and furious so as to get it before they ran out. I cannot tell you how many times they ran out of my item before I finished with the credit card screen.

Look at the nice neckline detailing of knotted fibers.

and I got it for a grand total of $1.12!!!!  .49 + .63 tax.   They took 25% off the $13.99 closeout price and then deducted my $10 coupon. I almost feel like a thief!

Anyone can get free s/h + 25% off, so if you like clothes, you  may want to take a trip through the outlet. I don't like to promote retail sites, so I don't usually mention it when I show pics, because most of my readers already know where I go. But if you are new, the site is c*o*l*d*wa*ter*cr*e*e*k.com. (I add the asterisks so I don't show up on search engines for those trying to find the site. I don't know if that really works, but it seems like it should).


  1. I shop Coldwater Creek all the time. Joe likes to go to the store to shop for my Christmas presents. I got a few $15 gift cards in the mail from Appleseeds and used them as fast as I could on sale items. It looks like you and I are very much alike...Balisha

  2. Wow, what an amazing price Zoey, good for you. The top is lovely.

  3. What a steal! Very cute!
    Did one up on you, but we went to an Old Navy and Sean got a nice Beatle t-shirt for free! It was $14.99, they had 25% off that day and I had a $10 coupon. : ) I guess that worked out to free.

  4. wow what a great bargain.....

  5. Now Zoey that is what I call smart shopping. Glad you took a peek!


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