Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slippers from Sister T and Snowman Block is Finished

I decided to put my jammies on and relax for a bit before the Christmas weekend comes to its official end. I put the new slippers on that my sister gave everyone on Christmas Eve.

How darn cute are these! They even match my Santa jammies.

I also finished Mr. Snowman this weekend.  Now I just have to decide what to do with him.  I am liking this Christmas chair back option.

I would have to make 5 more of them so all six of my dining room chairs could be covered. Tons of work, but at least I would have a finished item that I could use. And the polka dots would be oh, so chic with my holiday jammies! :)

Hey, Patti, your blueberry french toast recipe was a big hit at Christmas brunch with the inlaws. Host brother-in-law and a number of other attendees said it was delicious! I thought it was, too.

I made myself a little collage so I can remember just what I did in case they request it for our next holiday brunch.  Thanks again for emailing me that recipe!


  1. LOVE your slippers and Mr Snowman is terrific!!! You would become my new heroine if you do go ahead and decide to make 5 or 5 more!!!! Your day sounds nice - GOOD FOR YOU!

  2. I think we all need that recipe - looks yummy!

  3. Zoey, those chair covers are great. You could make one a month and your would be finished by next Christmas. I loe your slippers!


  4. Nice job on Mr. Snowman!
    You do look comfy in your new slippers-such a crafty family.
    Blueberries are good, but I don't cook too much with them as they don't like me. ; )
    You asked what a 'Shaker' weight is-I'm taking you haven't seen the infommercials? It looks like a bar bell and the middle part shakes. I think Sean had himself in mind when he bought that as a gift for us!

  5. Lovin' those slippers..what a great match to your jammies Zoey.
    Blueberry french toast looks yummy:)

  6. Zoey, the slippers look so nice and warm and cozy. I love the chair cover, absolutely adorable!

  7. Those slippers are the cutest! I got a pair of slippers too...Homer Simpson ones :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Love those slippers....and in your color too. I guess I'll have to try that recipe...looks delish. One chair cover a Eileen suggested. Balisha

  9. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I usually get to relax on Christmas afternoon for a couple hours, after I clean up from Christmas Eve and morning! Love the snowman chair cover! Adorable1 Jean


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