Sunday, December 19, 2010

Suddenly I want to Make Fruitcake

I just finished reading  There's Something About Christmas by Debbie Macomber.  It's a quick holiday light romance read with an interesting fruitcake theme (I finished it in 24 hours)  .  There are three recipes for fruit cake and I have saved them all.  Have any of you read this book and made any of these fruitcakes?  I would love to have a review if  you did.

Yesterday  the quilt patterns I ordered arrived. 
 I want to make the snowman first. This pattern may look pretty complicated to those who do not paper piece.  Actually it's pretty easy - none of the pieces are ittty bitty and I think I will have no problem making this one. The worst part will be cutting it all apart and  adding the seam allowances.  I can't even remember if I showed you this pattern or if I just posted it on my quilting blog. The other day I posted what I plan to do with this block. If interested just go here. (by the way this is a permalink for those of you asking for explanations. It takes you to the exact post, not to the home page)
I have a big pot of chili simmering on the stove so I now have the remainder of the afternoon to putter around in my sewing room.  I am going to make a snow- covered tree trivet pad for my SIL as a hostess gift since we are going there for Christmas brunch. I made a few tree blocks last week that I am going to use as a border with the snowman block.  I don't think I showed you these (if I did, please forgive me. I can never remember what I posted at which blog)
I am planning to make a different one for SIL. I am short of fabric for these blocks and I  need quite a few more blocks for the border. 
What is everyone else doing today? Getting ready for Christmas? Cooking? Wrapping gifts? Napping?


  1. pretty patterns...Merry Christmas Zoey...

  2. Zoey, I went to Christmas Tea today and it was really a tree party. I have never seen so many decorated trees in my life!


  3. Baking a bit and then wrapping gifts soon. More tidying and maybe a run to the store for a few ingredients for things I am making for dinner.
    The Christmas trees are cute!
    I'm not sure if I've ever read Debbie Macomber and I may have a few of her books in my basket.

  4. You mean people really eat fruitcakes? Ha Ha Ha!

  5. I didn't bake fruitcake this Christmas..and now I really want some:(
    Those books with recipes always get me..I then have to try them.
    Zoey, I'm lovin' the trivet pads, great gifts!


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