Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Wrap #2 -- Who says Bows Can't be Manly?

I have had this big buck wrapping paper for years. I decided this would work nicely for my second exchange gift for the family party. 

This paper should give the guys an indication that this gift is for them. I made another (smaller) bow with green velvet, brown cotton  and a pine cone center. As bows go, I think this one looks pretty manly.


  1. Beautiful wrapping..wanna do mine??

  2. Zoey, this is great paper. If you were like my mother, you would carefully fold up the paper after it is opened and save it for next year, ha! ha!


  3. I love that wrapping paper, as you say, so manly looking. The bow you made for it is also perfect. Have you seen the price of these types of bows at the stores? I was at Michael's the other day and they were asking over $24 for a large handmade bow like that. I'm so glad you taught us how to make our own:-) xoxo

  4. $24??? No way! I had no idea. Geez, I am glad I can make them for just a few pennies!

  5. Great paper ... curious, what's under that 'manly' wrap? Happy Holidays :)


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