Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Gift from the Big Kahuna

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day I Love to Read Christmas Novels. Last week I showed you a Mary Kaye Andrews Book, Blue Christmas, that I read.  Today I got this book:

I was surprised to note that it was based on a number 1 single.................I don't think I have ever heard it....but then I am musically challenged (as the Big Kahuna likes to tell me).  

A few weeks ago, he gave me an Ipod Shuffle

which he loaded with about 40 songs. Wasn't that nice of him? He's a very kind boss.

Anyway, now I have to figure out how to load more songs on to this thing.  I have it in my ears right now as I am writing this post.  I am listening to "Beautiful Day" by UTube.  Is that the correct spelling?  I have never heard of a musical group called UTube...YouTube?? (Thanks, to Dianne, I now know it's U2!) Nonetheless, it's a nice song.  The Big K is really a music lover.  He says I can be trained....LOL...maybe so.

Now the song is 'Satellite', Collective Soul.  I like this one.

It seems the Big K and I have similar tastes in music--even though I had no idea that I liked these songs.  . .   Picture Kid Rock  & Cheryl Crow # 1 Collection.......I think that is what the Ipod Shuffle said...........I like this one, too!  Cool! Maybe I can be trained to appreciate music.
What a great gift from the Big K!  .... Now it's 'Remember When', Alan Jackson...........this one I know. I love A. Jackson!
I must remember to go into work tomorrow and thank the Big K again for this wonderful gift.
Now if only he could load some Christmas songs for me.............................

I have talked about the Big Kahuna so much that I have decided to give him his own category, called "Big Kahuna".  So now you can read all the posts where I have mentioned him under that label.


  1. Your are blessed Zoey to have recieved these wonderful gifts! Happy Birthday!


  2. Belated birthday greetings.

    Please enter my giveaway posted on my blog. Have another birthday present maybe?

  3. You are so lucky to have a great boss. Mine is a real Ahole.
    Funny thing we had our company Christmas party this week. Only inside girls (not me) and board members showed up. I work for an electric Cooperative. NONE of the 40+ linemen showed up. You'd think the board members would get the picture? We'll see.

  4. Zoey,
    Thanks for making me laugh in such a trying and sad time. It's the Irish group 'U2' not 'Utube' that sings 'It's a Beautiful Day'. I don't have an iPod shuffle (nice gift), but I have an MP3 player (almost same thing)and I can suggest some songs. Amazon has a great section of music and the songs are around $1 each. Better than buying an entire CD and not liking all the songs. Of course I'd suggest some James Taylor music (he has a Christmas cd too).

  5. What a wonderful gift! And a great boss!

  6. I have a Christmas cd that has The Christmas Shoes song on it and it's a really beautiful heartwarming son:-) Awesome that there's a book based on it now!

    Ooooh, great boss indeed, how wonderful that he gave you an iPod, complete with songs! All I've been listening to lately is Christmas music, helps put me in the mood. lol xoxo


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