Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There are Few Shows that Keep Me Interested for Two Hours

but Sarah Palin's Alaska did just that last Monday night! 

I just happened upon the TLC channel at the same time as her show began.............both DH and I watched not one, but two of the shows!  We are not SP fans.....

That said, the show about Alaska and the fishing industry was quite interesting.  We even enjoyed watching the governor-who-quit-in-the-middle-of-her-term-for-personal-gain killing meat for her freezer.

Then the previews of next week's show almost made us barf into our 1000-thread count sheets---Kate + 8 camping out with SP???? OMG, you can bet we will not be watching that one!  ............anybody who sells herself out to reality TV and then puts Kate + Eight  on said show is not someone we respect and certainly not someone we want to be our President!!!   What has this country come to? OMG!!!  We just cannot believe that SP would lower herself to that! I think her reality show/daughter on DWTS, etc. proves that she cannot possibly be considering a run in 2012.  I guess only time will tell.....

OK off the political platform...............back to my usual babble....

This morning I ordered six patterns from Paper Panache (a foundation quilting site). 

Aren't they the cutest? I can't wait to get them and start sewing!


  1. Looks like you'll have plenty to keep yoou busy after the holidays! Cute! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound from you weekend trip. Ready to enjoy all your Christmas decorating! Jean

  2. We also caught some of the SP show- Bristol with the fish whacking club and some guy holding the beating fish heart in his hand. Ugh. The Kate and her kids episode looks strange-think Kate will have a tizzy fit or something.
    Cute patterns-love the Cardinal. My uncle did too. : )

  3. Oh you lucky dog, get 6 patterns from Paper Panache. I've bought plenty from her in the past. Love them!
    HAvae you seen:
    I get patterns, one a month free by email from her.

  4. Zoey, those are the cutest patterns I've seen in a long time. I love the snowman!

  5. she makes a great paper pieced product! The snowman is especially cute. You will enjoy all of this holiday sewing!!! Do check out my friend Linda's site too - SilverLiningsOriginals ..... she is amazing!

  6. Such darling patterns, it's no wonder you look forward to starting on them! I've never liked Sarah Palin and although I saw on the tv guide that her show would be on, I had no interest in watching it. I had also heard that Kate + 8 would be on there...yuck! lol Between Sarah and Kate, I don't know which is the worse!! My feelings are very much like yours on that subject. xoxo


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