Friday, December 24, 2010

It Amazed me that a bit of Sugar, Water and Gelatin Turned into This

Water and sugar boiling to 235 degrees:
 Water, sugar, and gelatin cooling down.

Same water concoction after beating for 12 minutes

Isn't it amazing that it turned all white and fluffy!  After pouring it into a pan and waiting about an hour, I ended up with.............................can you guess?

Homemade Marshmallows!  I sprinkled toasted coconut on them before they hardened.

I got this recipe from Betty R. at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Thanks, Betty! I  made mine way too thin, but I am still happy with my first attempt. They are quite easy to make and I think my inlaws will like them tomorrow.  Here is the recipe link.

I also made some Napoleon cream cookies (I think in Canada they have a different name).  I have not tried them yet,  but someone at work told me they were delicious and they had a high rating at the site where I found the recipe.  I was surprised that you don't even bake them. The crust is done in a double  boiler as is the topping. 

I used this recipe from

I am now going to pack up some of both items along with a purchased cheesecake and head over to my sister's for our Christmas Eve celebration. I just called and she said my Mom and other sister are already there sipping Margaritas! Geez, it does not even start for another hour. I'd better get there before all the good stuff is gone!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. Glad you like the marshmalows..a big hit here too!

  2. Those treats look delicious! I know that Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter) just made her own marshmallows. I bet they are nice and soft-yum!

  3. Betty, I think they will become a holiday tradition.

    Dianne, they are very soft and do not have that artificial taste that store bought marshmallows have.


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