Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Was a Good Weekend

As it turned out the drive up north had way less snowy/icy roads than we expected.  But the drive home today had quite a bit more  snowy/icy roads than the forecast led us to believe we would have.   We had a few near white outs, but DH got us through!

We were home by noon.  I decided to remove all the Thanksgiving decorations from the dining room and redo it with Christmas decs.  I went down to the basement and found my elf table runner and a few other items that I thought would work.  I even found the box of my blue jean stockings that I had wanted to use on my sunflower tree, but never bothered to try to find.
I put the table runner down and was trying to figure out how to use the big elf in the centerpiece. I really could not come up with anything that excited me, so I gave up and just put a candle in the center of the table. I took everything else back down to the basement.

I did decide to put the blue jean stockings on the tree. Although the tree was pretty full already,
I  found spaces to insert them!  If you are interested, I posted more pics of the Blue Jean/Gingerbread man/Sunflower Tree on my Tablescaping Blog. Just click here to see them.

During the drive, I read this entire Christmas novel from Mary Kay Andrews.
I love to read Christmas novels between Thanksgiving and New Years. 
This was a quick read and I found it quite enjoyable.

We just finished dinner--lasagna that I had in the freezer. Just as I was getting up to leave the table, DH brought this birthday cake in.

A double chocolate cake he picked up at the bakery today. Awwww...we rarely do birthday cakes, so I was quite touched. 


  1. what a sweet hubby...glad you made it home safe and sound...I love the blue jean stockings...

  2. Was worried about you traveling. Glad it was not so bad. I love to read Christmas books too during the season. I have a basket of little books in the living room by my chair. I like to read some of them every year. Happy birthday again and hope you enjoyed that birthday cake..What a nice husband. Balisha

  3. Happy Birthday Zoey!! Yeah, yeah I figured out your The chocolate cake was a nice touch by hubby!
    It's good to have you home safely.

  4. I so appreciate the little glimpses into your cozy life! Thank you! (love those blue jean ornaments)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Rats, I read most of this post-clicked over to the Tablescape one and didn't finish this one.

  6. Glad you're both home safe and sound. What a nice surprise from hubby. Your decorations are looking good.

  7. Zoey, I love the cake, but that tree in the background is spectacular!


  8. Oh noooooo, I missed your birthday?? Aaaarrgggghhhhh!!! Happy belated Birthday my friend, I hope you had a wonderful day and how lovely that yoru hubby surprised you with a birthday cake:-) xoxo


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