Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birch Bark Candle Centerpiece

Remember when I told you I found two pieces of birch bark in my garden and that I saved it? Well, here it is....
just a small amount.    

I combined white candles with  some real greenery and came up with this large centerpiece for my half table leading to the dining room.
You gardeners may notice dried astilbe heads, Sedumn Autumn Joy and Black-eyed Susans interspersed among the greens.

I tied some twine around the bark. I also finished another banner -- a "Joy" banner and I put it across the front of this table.

I am really into banners this year!

Since I am cutting way back this year, I don't plan on making anymore holiday arrangements.  It will be so easy to take everything down since I did not do much!


  1. Zoey, how creative! I really like that new header showing all of your projects.


  2. NICE!!!!!! What a gorgeous job you have done!

  3. Zoey...that is so pretty. Here I have been throwing the bark that comes off our River Birch away. Who knew that a candle would look like that wrapped and put in greenery? You are so creative...Balisha

  4. Zoey you did a grea job...always look forward to your posts..

  5. Wonderful job on those centerpieces, Zoey..the bark works very nicely with your candles.

  6. This is lovely! I like the white bark.

  7. Now aren't you creative! That's what you call using what you clever. Very pretty. Think of how much you would have paid for something like that if you had purchased it. I envy your talents.


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