Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Good Time was Had by All

We had such a good time at the Christmas Eve party at Sister T's home. She  introduced a new way for us to pick our gift for the steal-the-gift game.
Everyone  picked a  folded slip from a bowl. The slip had a phrase from the Night Before Christmas written on it.  Like 'all through the house'. Then she read the poem and when your phrase came up, you yelled "Ho ho ho" and got to pick or steal a gift.  We had a good time with that.
We also did our traditional treasure hunt--hey, I just realized we have some traditions now!  I guess since we have been doing it for 4 years, it's can now be called a tradition.  This is the first year that I got to play since I am usually the one hiding the objects.  I took my box of items (we always use the same objects) to my sister's and she hid them all.  The toughest item for me to find was this red mouse with green ears...........stuck about 10 feet high on one of these beams.  LOL. I was thrilled to finally find him!

Sister T is a very creative gal. She has 5 sewing machines--serger, long arm quilting machine, embroidery machine, etc.  Every year she gives us one of her handmade treasures---this year we all got a pair of these mittens and some slippers (forgot to get a pic of those). 

I chose the red pair with the snowflake because they will look nice with both my red coat and a black coat.  Don't you just love those pinecones and that elk (or whatever that big beastly animal is).

So a big thanks to sister T, and Sister D for helping her, host this year's event.  It was fun, fun, fun--oh, she prepared a delicious prime rib dinner, too.

Now I have to go finish my blueberry french toast for my next event in two hours.  I also have banana cake in the oven. Does anyone find Christmas relaxing? Because even though I did not host this year, I have still been cooking/cleaning up for two days!


  1. what fun Christmas is not relaxing at all...but it is worth it to see the kiddos faces...and the old folks faces also....

  2. Love the mittens Zoey..and sounds like a fun party!
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Glad you had a nice time at your sister's house and love the mittens.
    No, Christmas isn't that relaxing as no one else cooks. We use to go out to dinner on Christmas eve, but I found making a pasta dish was a lot cheaper for us. I enjoy the decorating and picking out gift part.
    I had a boneless prime rib and I thought it could be a bit more tender. Do you know anyway to do this?

  4. Deb, I think Christmas is the most fun when there a little kiddos around!

    Betty, It was a fun time.

    Dianne, I think a pasta dish sounds like a great idea. I am afraid that I can't help with the prime....I have only cooked one and it was 19 years ago!


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