Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tulip and Chives Wreath

About a week ago, I made a wreath with the last of my tulips. It was such fun to make. I have tons of chives growing; some in places where I don't want them. I dug up one such clump to use as "ribbon" hanging down under the tulips. I dug them up roots and all, then stuck little clumps into a water-filled baggy, so they lasted about 3 days.

Here are some chives with Johnson's Blue geranium (Cranesbill Geranium).
I like this combination.

I had more planned for this post, but Blogger would not let me upload any more pictures, so I guess that ends it.

Have you been having problems with Blogger while I was away?


  1. great wreath...I've had problems with loading photos also...I actually had to go to Picaso and delete a lot of old photos to make room for new...or they want to charge you for more storage....

  2. Oh Zoey - I LOVE your fresh wreath - such a great idea before the chives start to list to one side .... very pretty - no surprise coming from you!
    Blogger sucks a lot. It makes me consider paying for my blog - maybe deserting over to typepad or something...

  3. zoey, glad to see you are upm and running again.

  4. That is a clever idea to use chives in your pretty arrangement.
    I connect Wordpress with Flickr (which is free unless you have tons of photos). What's nice is that you can pick a photo you upload and a box pops up for you to write your post. You can edit it later in the blog area.


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