Monday, June 14, 2010

The Peonies were Trashed Before I Even Saw Them

I went out early Sunday morning to trim the yew hedge and was surprised to see this mess:

We had a lot of hard rain last week which the peonies did not like. So I cut down all the fallen blooms and put them in the birdhouse vase in the shaded woodland garden.

I spent a lot of time outside Sunday and I took frequent breaks sitting at this table with a magazine and some white grape juice.

I even floated a flower in the bird bath.

I bought this Veronica spicata 'Sunny Border Blue' in 2004. I separated it last year and moved some in this spot where I want it to bloom with the red carpet lilies. It seems to like it here and should look really pretty when all the red pops out around it.

I am thrilled to no end to see buds on this ligularia (tall plant in the back with ragged-edged heart-shaped leaves.
I have been nurturing it along in a pot for a few years. I had two and one died in the ground the first year. This one almost died, too. I had just a tiny piece left. For the past two years, it has not flowered. It's called 'the rocket' because it shoots tall yellow spikes up from this nice foliage.

I am hoping the flower spikes get a couple of feet tall.


  1. your ligularia is beautiful! Now I want one, thanks! Have enjoyed the little stroll through your garden, as always!

  2. Garden looking lovely and love that you salvaged and enjoyed the blooms. Also that you took time to sit and enjoy the beauty.

  3. I tied my peonies back before they bloomed because other years I've found them on the ground due to rain and wind...learned my lesson! lol Mine are in full bloom now and I'll be so sad when they're done in another couple of days.

    My first yellow lily opened today and the others are not far behind. Honestly, when a flower opens it's like we just had a baby, we get so excited! lol Such a lovely place you have to sit and read...never mind the grape juice, where's the wine???? hehe

    I always look forward to seeing your flowers blooming because you grow so many various varieties that I never even heard of!

    Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo

  4. The sad truth of the peony-they make special supports for them too, but mine are cheap ones and they still end up on the ground after the rain.
    Everything is looking good!

  5. I have never seen a ligularia. This is so cool.
    I love your gardens.


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