Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Much Happening on the Deck Yet

The deck is not photo worthy yet. Since I did not plant any annuals, there is nothing even remotely ready to bloom. That's the negative side of using tropical plants - it takes at least six weeks before they get moving.

I did move the aqua bird house up here because it kept falling over in the garden. I probably won't leave it here for long.

The Veronica in this whiskey barrel is turning its brilliant blue color.

I hope it continues until these little cannas catch up. I was envisioning huge striped leaves shooting over top the blue spikes.

The pineapple lilies that I planted over two months ago, are just beginning to come up (at least one of them). I am not expecting much from these this year.
Here are the Rembrandt dahlias. As you can see there are two pots with nothing. I am not at all happy with Breck's this year! They sent me a bunch of duds!

Their only chance of redemption is if these dahlias have the most spectacular splotches of color that I have ever seen. They better not be those drab purple white ones I already have.

We have been getting a lot of rain the past week. I like that. The grass was beginning to brown the first week of June, but now it's nice and green again. Thank you Mother Nature.


  1. I've never ordered bulbs or seeds from a catalog but I can imagine how ticked off I'd be if they turned out to be duds! Do they have any kind of guarantee that you could at least get replacement bulbs? Petunias are the only annuals I planted this year in the pots that go on my deck, the rest are all perennials. Makes it so much easier! lol I just love that corner of your deck and I think the bird house looks perfect there:-) xoxo

  2. We are quite water logged can have some of that moisture. Two days of sunshine and then the rain is supposed to be back. And to think they said we would have a hot and dry summer..
    I'm hoping with you for a really dramatic splash of color..I'll try to wait patiently:)

  3. Without annuals, you have to surely be patient, but not if what you planted is not coming up! I did Brecks maybe once or twice. I don't think the tulips and allium from them are almost completely gone now.
    I don't need to do pots, but I always put at least 5 geraniums up my back steps and I like a few hanging pots around. This year I saved two from last year! And I have been really fascinated with coleus too.
    Good luck with everything!


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