Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I See the Before Picture

I really feel like all the work paid off.

While moving pictures from my old computer, I came across this one from July 14, 2008 - less than 2 years ago:

I was killing off plants to redo the area.

Yesterday you saw the same spot:
I had forgotten how different this area looked less than two years ago!

Remember this albino foliage when I brought my containers out?

Here it is today
all nice and green. I cut the two canna sprouts down and they are almost ready to leaf out.

I am thoroughly disappointed with that Elephant Ear collection I bought from Breck's.
Here is the enticing ad pic:

Here is the reality. This is Hilo Beauty.
It's says it's a robust grower reaching 24-36 inches tall and spreads 3 - 5 feet. Oh, by the way, Hilo Beauty is the plant in the front, not the one with all that lovely green foliage--that's a dahlia.

Just like Hilo Beauty, this Black Magic Elephant Ear has been growing for over a month:

Can't see it? Well, get your magnifying glass out and hold it over that tiny purple blob near the right edge.
Here is Black Magic's picture in the ad:

I think it's ridiculous to receive something this tiny without being told that is what they were sending.

The ad for the collection as a whole reads:

"Breathtaking in stature. Exotic Elephant Ears are beloved for foliage that is so astonishingly immense, you can practically hide among them."

Hmmmm....maybe if you're a slug.

Or have a decade to wait.

I am not feeling any warm fuzzies toward Breck's right now.

On a more positive note, I am liking the color formation of this canna leaf.

Pretty interesting coloration, in my humble opinion. I can't wait to see the flower. Every year it looks a bit different. I bought this one at a bargain price at a chain store and have been thoroughly enchanted with it ever since.


  1. wow what a've done a great the cannas...mine are just green...

  2. When I look at the before and after pictures at my house this week I could cry. (See my bog).
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I just love the before and after pics! My sympathies on the miniscule elephant ear fiaso - how frustrating

  4. You might be surprised how fast those elephant ears grow. Mine started off small but quickly caught up. I have mine in pots and have overwintered them in my MI basement for the last few years.

  5. Wow, what a major difference! You've really accomplished a lot and your garden is so beautiful.

    I've had mixed results from Breck's products. Their crazy sale prices always get me, so I keep going back. Their bulbs are always winners for me - but really, how badly can things go with a bulb? Their plants have been hit or miss. I bought a lot of them last year and about half have flourished, though none of them until this year (they stayed really small and wimpy-looking the first year).

  6. I think that's one reason I quit ordering, I'd always be disapointed. All your garden areas are looking great. The chives and Iris are so perfect together. I'm really into the lime color especially in the shade garden. I hope you figure out what is eating the hosta. Glad to hear you're back in the blogging business! Jean


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