Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Correction on the Trumpet Vine & Allium Woes

Big Ooopsy! I mentioned that the red plant climbing my arbor was a trumpet vine. When Dianne commented that she had one and it was a perennial, it got me thinking....I knew mine was an annual. I finally dug out the tag and then slapped the side of my head --it's actually a Sun Parasol Pretty Crimson Mandevilla. I must try to remember that is is NOT a trumpet vine because I keep calling it that.

From the pic above you can also see where the small garden with the wheel and blue chair is in relation to the rest of my gardens. Remember I showed you the tulips blooming there last week?

Well, the tulip heads have withered and fallen and now I have only three allium plants for color. Allium only does well for me the first year. After that the plants die out. I think I had five of them here last summer. There is a bright orange poppy plant on the opposite side of the allium. The plan was for them to bloom together, but the poppy is still a few days from bloom. It only has three buds this year, but it should have a burst of growth and be much nicer next year.

In 2006 I had all of these allium.
This year, not a single one of them is left. There must be something in my soil that kills them off. Does anyone else have this problem with allium?

I am not back on line yet -- don't even ask--I've about had it with DSL tech people. My posts have been appearing from Blogger's ability to schedule posts and make them appear whenever I want them to. I hope that I am back in real time by the end of this week.


  1. I planted a few allium and only got one this year. Can't remember how many I had but I know it was more than 1. All of your Iris are beautiful but the dark purple is my fav. Lovely color. Jean

  2. I love your allium. I tired them one year. They decided to one show their face that one year too.

  3. [Sigh] I love looking at your garden it's so green and beautiful, temps in Arizona are scheduled to hit 110 this weekend my plants are ready to hunker down in hopes of surviving the intense summer heat.


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