Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Blue

not in spirit, in color!

I've been painting up a storm since I last posted. I had a quart of robin's egg blue that I bought last year. It's from Ace Hardware and it's called Rossland. It's Exterior Latex, Semi-

I decided that would be my accent color in the main gardens. I gathered up an assortment of items and began painting.

I painted two of these wooden chairs...

A few birdhouses...

Did I hear someone ask what that lovely plum-colored flower is? Well, it's my Lauren's Lilac poppy that did not bloom last year. It has three or four buds this year. So now I have one pink, one white and one purple poppy blooming. I should have two of each, but the other three still have not bloomed. Two years and just a small tuft of green. At least the other three are not yet dead, so there is hope for next year.
I have tucked a few blue watering cans among the flowers. Do you see that red flower by the arbor? It's a trumpet vine and it should grow up to 12 feet and climb the arbor. I am excited about this one!

I still have a few more items to paint. I am sure I will have fun moving these robin egg blue accents around the garden all summer.

I still have no internet access at home, so don't know when I will be back. This is the first time in 15 years that I have gone over a week without internet access. I will be very glad to get it back!


  1. Gee, you've been on the internet longer than us-we got access in 1997!
    Hope you get it resolved soon.
    I do love the teals, aquas and robin egg blues. Nice touches throughout the garden. I have an Adirondack chair that color too.
    Love the pink poppy. I have trumpet vine too-may take a few years to get over the top there, unless you have a magical one! : )

  2. I love the blue....great photos...

  3. Remember my peach poppies that I bought last year? They did bloom peach last year but they are orange this year! Argh! I give up!

    Yours are fabulous! If I got them though, I'm sure they'd just turn orange.

  4. Dianne, The trumpet vine is an annual here, so I am hoping it will grow quickly. I think I will give it a shot of fertilizer later today. I have never had anything climb to the top of my arbors yet, so I am really, really hoping this one will!

    Deb, thanks so much.

    Sylvana, That's a real bummer having it revert to orange! I have a pretty salmon color from last year that is just about to open. I hope it does not turn orange! I do like orange, but I have plenty of those.

  5. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours, dear Zoey! Oh dear, no internet access at home...that would drive me bonkers for sure. lol

    Love that robin egg blue colour and that splash of colour looks great amidst your plants. Your Lilac poppy is just gorgeous! My poppies usually don't bloom until the end of June. My tulips and daffodils are now all finished and I noticed the other day that my lilies and irises are getting ready to bloom any day now. They're much earlier this year due to the above normal temps we've been having lately. I swear all my plants are growing a foot every day! lol

    Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo

  6. Your garden is looking great! Love the accents. The plum poppy is absolutely beautiful! Perfect shot! I hope you get back online soon. Jean


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