Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Rainy Afternoon in the Garden

I just went out in the drizzling rain to take these two pictures of my Red Carpet lilies that are now in full carpet lily path 062310 (Large)

red carpet lilies 062310 (Large)

While this side of this garden is full of color, the opposite end is void of anything but green.

062210 no color side (Large)

I may have to work on getting a little more color earlier in the season on this end.

I am trying out posting from Windows Live Writer from my new computer. I tried yesterday and it did not work. I assumed Writer would automatically resize the photos for a blog post, but maybe not. So today I made them smaller myself. I hope it works!

If anyone has any tips for using this new-to-me program, please post it the comments!

Are these pictures appearing to blurry to you? On my home computer they look great, but on another computer they look blurry--must have something to do with the screen resolution.


  1. looks great...we haven't had rain in a while can sure tell it too...

  2. I love red lilies!
    I have Windows 7 and don't see that app for the Live Writer. I think mine only has the notepad.

  3. Deb, We are getting rain almost every day this week. I am always thankful for rain!

    Hi Patti, Thanks for dropping by.

    Dianne, I accidentally found it when I downloded some pics and clicked to make a blog post. I like how it makes big pics!

    If you go to start and type Windows live writer in the search it will come to the top if its there.

  4. Zoey..what a beautiful garden to meander through on the pathway.
    I come here for my 'garden fix':)

  5. Betty, How nice to see you! I wish you had an email address so I could reply to all of your nice comments. I don't think many people come back to see if their comment was answered, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate your comments!


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