Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is a good iris year. I never know how many will bloom because I am always moving them. They usually don't bloom the year after being moved.

I think only a few bloomed in this big clump last year.

Here are a few shots taken in different directions from the same iris clump:

Toward the rockwall garden:

Toward the woodland paths:

This big bud

opened into this

I was hoping it would be a blue color because a few years ago I bought a "blue" iris and have never seen it bloom. I think maybe this is the iris. Often what they call "blue" is really purple.

I do love bud shots.

Here is a very old pass-a-long variety whose name I have never known.

I've always admired its brown-toned coloring.

This large pink variety was purchased in a grocery sack full of rhizomes at a garage sale.

All in all I am happy the iris blooms this year.


  1. I love your Iris' they are so blooms are long gone...

  2. I've been trying to get more irises in my garden. Right now I have 8 different varieties. About half of which I do not know the names. I am hoping for a great display next year. The peony that I added are doing lovely. I will definitely be adding more of those.

    I like how you have placed these tall irises right next to the paths, rebelling against the "class picture effect". Good for you!

  3. Lucky you!This wasn't a good year for my irises. Either I need to separate more (which I've done in the past) or the snow bothered them. I have about 15 varieties and only about 7-8 came up.


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