Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black-eyed Stella, Azure Allium & Hairy Allium

Last night we were rewarded for all of our outside work (DH had his own grass-planting project)with these tasty T-Bones.

We grilled extra so it could be sliced and used for a salad Tuesday night (nail day--I have to plan ahead because I can't do anything for two hours while the color cures--hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

The new daylily blooming is Black-eyed Stella.

062510 black-e3yed stella daylily planted2001 (Medium)

I like this one, though the eye is far from black—more like light brown. It's all coming together in this area and I could not be more pleased...well, that's not true...I would be more pleased if crocosmia 'chopsticks' had not disappeared. I am very saddened that it seems to have died out despite the mild winter we had.

Here I am standing behind these daylilies, looking toward the rockwall.

062510 arbor both sides2 (Medium) This is looking toward the house. The black-eyed Stellas are at the beginning of the path.062510 path toward house (Medium)

This is Azure allium. I planted a few bulbs last fall. It's a nice true blue color, though quite tiny.

062410 allium azure (Large)
See how small it is?

Remember the Hairy Allium from last year?

hairy allium 062410 (Large)

I am happy to report that it came back again. It's a strange flower, isn't it?

hairy allium cu 062410 (Large)
It's also tiny, but I have them both right at the edge of the path so I can enjoy them as I walk along.

I had a very productive weekend despite the cold rainy weather. It was really perfect weather to do hard garden labor, though the deck took a beating with the muddy shoes.
I wish the weekend was just beginning!


  1. I feel the same way! Although totally exhausted, I would be thrilled to turn the clock back to Friday! I love your hairy allium, mine also survived. Your day lilies are gorgeous. And I fancy the little sedum tucked away in a limb ... so pretty!

  2. usual all looks marvellous! You must have a few 'green thumbs'. That's a lot of work you put into gardening and I am so enjoying the fruits of your labour. Now if I could only come pick a few of those flowers to grace my table..sigh:)

  3. your flowers are so pretty...the steaks look great..

  4. Those steaks looked good! I do like the true blue flowers too. I have a Delphinium I need to get in or it will bite the dust soon.
    I like seeing the front of your house too.

  5. The gardens are looking beautiful. Enjoy the 4th!


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