Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Herb Garden

I have never shown you my herb garden. I like to have just a few fresh herbs to use for cooking. I love to go outside my door and cut fresh herbs the moment I need them. Even 5-star restaurants can't get them any more fresh than that!

So this is my little herb garden:

Just two kinds of parsley and basil on the potting bench. The orange container has red pompom dahlias and is just there because it fits the color scheme. There is also a large container of chives and a rosemary planter on the left side of the potting bench. I forgot to get a pic of that.

It's just enough herbs to make me feel like a "foodie" when I go out and cut them just moments before the dish is served. I have to admit it's not all that often that I do that. In fact, I just got home after working all day and then spending two hours having my hair highlighted.

I am writing this post as DH is out buying Big Macs for dinner!


  1. The herbs look like a photo out of Better Homes and Gardens. Very cute!
    I have to weed my herb garden and mulch it-about a month late with the mulch-opps.

  2. how cute...thank you for sharing...

  3. Oh Zoey..such a cute herb garden..who wouldn't want to go snip a few sprigs of this or that:)

  4. I loved your job description - all that by 12:30. Doesn't seem to have slowed you down in the garden one bit, and for that I'm grateful. I love to see how your garden has developed over the years!
    Happy Gardening

  5. I almost left without seeing this post. You have a nice looking herb garden.

    Herbs are some of the plants I grew when I first started gardening. My herb garden is just outside the back door, too. I use them a lot, but there are days I'm running late due to gardening or cleaning, or running around and I don't take the time to go cut them. I've been doing better this summer, though.


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