Friday, June 25, 2010

Off With Their Heads!

I walked around and cut down all the whimpy hosta blooms, like this one. 100_3865_crop (Medium) Certain hostas have nice thick blooms that I leave,100_3970 (Medium) but others have the little skinny messy-looking ones that I chop off. It depends where they are, too—if the whimps happen to be in a spot where nothing else is blooming, they may be spared the Felco guillotine. 100_3973 (Medium) This one was not so fortunate.

When I posted about my Red Carpet Lilies two days ago, I noticed that I really needed a couple more of them on the left side at the entrance of the path.

It always amazes me how the deficiencies just glare at me once I post a carpet lily path 062310 (Large)

So I went outside after work today and moved two Red Carpet Lilies to the entrance to this path.

Ah, Isn’t this so much better? 062410 moved red c lilies3 (Large)

I have so many different garden areas, that it's probably difficult for you to know where each garden is in relation to each other. This picture shows you both of the paths I have been showing you the past few posts...where the orange lily path is in relation to the red lily path. 062410 botyh paths2x (Large)

It is basically the same walking path, separated by a large grass path.

I hope to get a lot of garden work done this weekend -- between the rain storms. I think rain is forecast for both days.

That's OK, I love rain.<>


  1. I have to move a few things too-like the daylily under the Japanese Maple was fine for years-then the tree got bigger and shaded it out.
    Your photos always look great to me!

  2. Thanks, Dianne. It's always so nice to read your comments.


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