Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lizzyanne, Fergy, and Frances William

I was happy to see my old pals, Fergy

and Lizzyanne return to my garden this year.

I have a lot of hosta in my gardens, but this hosta, Frances William, is my all time favorite. She's the bluish green one near the arbor entrance. She has very rugged leaves with a leathery feel that almost look quilted.
I have had FW for years, but she has never really liked the accommodations I have provided. I think this piece of real estate finally meets with her approval. She seems quite content and is growing fast.

It looks like I will have a good display of lilies this year. These little short ones are red carpet lilies. They look like they may have multiplied a bit.
I know that for most people lilies multiply easily, but for me, it's pretty rare. I am lucky if I just get them to come back.

Last year I planted some new tango lilies and they all look like they will bloom this year. I will show them to you on another post.


  1. your garden scenes are sweet and tranquil - so enjoyable!

  2. Love your garden pics and also the stepping stone paths throughout. It's all gorgeous!

  3. Nice to see your garden and path looking so perky. William Francis is a girl hosta? I didn't know we say he or she, etc. Anyway, those are family names.


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