Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Begonia & Lysimachia Planter

While looking for some annuals to plant in my milk cans, I came across this begonia and green lysimachia planter.

It was marked down to $4 (half its original price) and looked like the perfect size to fit inside the milk cans.

I succumbed to the allure of not having to do any work and bought four.
Just like I expected, the pot fit nicely in the milk can. I put this one upside down so the lysimachia would grow from the top on down and across the milk can.
To complete the vignette, I added a grapevine wreath with mini pots of hens & chicks and a Dutch shoe filled with a tiny hosta plant. I will wrap the lysimachia around the wreath as it grows.

I think once the begonia grows a bit wider, it will look nice.

Directly across from the milk can, I removed some asters from the entrance to this path and planted more hosta in its place.

Today I took a little walk through all the paths and was surprised to see that something was already nibbling on the hosta leaves!

How discouraging!
Here is a shot showing where the milkcan with the wreath is in relation to the new hostas:
I am not sure if you can see it--the milk can is way to the back right in front of the tree.

Here is another view of the front side of this area:
The blue milk can also has one of the new begonia pots in it.
The pot is way too small right now, but it should grow to a respectable size soon. I plan to remove the blue milk can later in the season. Once the cannas get big, I will switch to a big pot of those.

I also picked up three herb pots - two different types of parsley and some basil.

I just love to have fresh herbs outside my door. It makes cooking so much more fun and creative.


  1. Creative as usual Zoey! Do you ever take time to sit at the table in the garden?
    I love growing fresh herbs..I find mine do better in the garden than in pots. I know it is handier at the back door..maybe I shall try it again.
    I love buying a ready made planter and then transferring the flowers to another place..the milk can works really well.

  2. Hi Betty,
    Yes,I sit there quite often with a glass of wine in late afternoon, or if it's the weekend, I sometimes have a cup of coffee during a mid-morning break. It's a nice shady spot in the heat of summer.

  3. I like the annuals you picked for the pots-begonias are always a favorite of mine too. Everything looks so nice and neat. Thanks for sharing.


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