Friday, June 11, 2010

What can I do with this Pina Colada Mix?

I bought it over a year ago, thinking I would make a pina colada frozen slush drink. As you can see from the full bottle, I have not done so.

Is there anything else I could use this for? I am thinking of using it for the liquid in a cake--pineapple, coconut, whipped cream....a tropical cake of some sort. Has anyone used it in a cake--or anything else? I would love to hear if you have. There is quite a bit to use up!

I took a walk around the gardens after work this afternoon and I could not find a single thing worth a picture. The iris has just about finished blooming as have the poppies. The garden is in one of its "ugly" modes. It should perk up soon with another flush of new blooms.

I have not been doing any sewing or setting any tables. It's strange that my tablescapig blog has 5 times as many followers as this one and I have not updated it for over a month! Of course, I don't have the followers gadget on this one, so it probably takes a little more effort to become a follower.

I still don't get the follower thing. It's much easier for me to see new posts by putting them on my blogroll. Are blog rolls now passé?

I can't believe the weekend is here again. Time goes so fast! I do have to go into work for a short time tomorrow, but the remainder of the weekend is all free time. Don't know what I will be doing yet, but it will probably involve something garden-related.

What are you all planning for the weekend?


  1. darn...I was hoping someone had given you a good idea...I didnt know you had another blog...

  2. How about flavoring in an icing for a cake or cupcakes? Make ice cubes for some sort of pineapple or a 'tropical' drink. Pina Colada crepes? LOL

  3. Dianne's ideas sound great..let us know whatever you try, okay?
    Rainy weekend so maybe just indoor stuff..there is always some closet to clean or some baking to be done..

  4. Well geez if I'd known you had pina colada mix I'd have been right over! lol I'm not much of an alcohol drinker but I do love pina coladas:-) My mom has used it in cake recipes instead of milk or water and it's tasted wonderful.

    I only use Google Reader to follow the blogs I visit, I've never installed the follower thingie. It seems we blink and something new is around to put on our blogs and make it more complicated!! lol xoxo

  5. this is probably too late, but freeze the pina colada mix in an ice cream freezer - YUM!


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