Thursday, September 29, 2005

You are all so Kind

I just sat down at the 'puter after cooking and cleaning for the past three hours.

While reading your comments, I had to chuckle over the comments on the houseplants post about how neat and tidy everything looks. I was just berating myself for not keeping up with my cleaning chores - every place I look has dust (especially that entertainment center in the family room), I just finished getting rid of a cobweb near the floor by the curio cabinet, the kitchen desk is piled high with cooking magazines and the floors need scrubbing.

Then I come here and read these sweet comments. It made me feel so much better.

All I can say is I am glad I did not take a macro shot of any of the flat surfaces!


  1. Oh heck, the 'general' appearance of your living was charming and inviting. We all fight an endless battle with dust. I dust one day and there is more in a few days.
    Now if you saw my living room right now with the piles of stuff on the floor (I am trying to sew some Halloween stuff in there and all the papers and things are scattered all over the place)you might faint!

  2. *laughing*

    You are a fantastic keeper of the clean. Don't doubt it.
    You're my hero.

    *laughs some more*

    I really should clean this place up a bit. Really. But instead I might go look at your lovely space some more. Ah.

    Actually, you make a pretty good role model. Maybe my new year's resolution will be to get the garden and house looking good AT THE SAME TIME for at least one weekend! *grins*


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