Monday, September 26, 2005

The Weekend Went By Too Fast

The Murder Mystery weekend was so much fun. It was held in the banquet room of a casino, so there was always something to keep us busy. The mystery dinner was not exactly as I had imagined. We knew from the start who the actors were. The premise was that we were all attending the memorial dinner of a deceased Texas oil tycoon. The reading of the will took place at the dinner.
Here is the room all set for us to enter:

Of course the oil tycoon had a "companion", Dee Dee DeLay (don't you love the play on that last name?)

Dee Dee is, of course, the buxom brunette. Let me tell you, Dee Dee was quite a hit with the gentlemen...especially, Ed, our new Canadian friend, who got not one, but two kisses from Dee Dee. I doubt that he will ever wash his cheek again.

During dinner, someone got killed. Guess who? You got it. Poor sweet DeeDee drank poisoned cough syrup and keeled over right before our eyes.

Other characters were introduced thoroughout the evening--lawyer, detective, very religous step-daughter, crochety old brother.

We had to determine who the murderer was. Each table was a team.Each team was allowed to ask one question of any character they chose to help them make a decision. If your table won, you would each get $100.

We did not win. Darn! I could have used that $100.

The meal was half a baked chicken, rice, mixed veggies, salad and dessert. It was good --not great--just good. LOL.

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  1. Something different to do for sure!
    So who killed Dee dee?


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