Monday, September 19, 2005

Colchicums Planted

The Colchicums (autumn crocus) in the ground.
Kathy, are they the ones you thought they would be?


  1. It's hard to tell from your photo. I was thinking (guessing) they would be these ones. Do they have a white line down the center of each petal in the middle?

  2. Kathy, I just ran outside and took a close up. Yes,there is a white line. I read your article and it does seem to be what I have. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with me!

  3. You're quite welcome. You know how it is with addicts--they just want to get everyone else hooked! LOL. But truly, the idea that you might actually throw them out thinking they were tulips gone over horrified my frugal heart. BTW, I tried to email the same information to you and I am getting messages saying the email still hasn't been delivered. I used an address that you emailed me from before, but perhaps it has changed?

  4. Kathy, I changed internet providers the first of september, so that old address won't work anymore. Sorry!


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