Tuesday, September 6, 2005

What is a sun choke?

If you have been following the comments on the little veggie quiz below, then you know that another perennial seems to have been found - sun chokes. Having never heard of sun chokes, I did a little googling and found this: (info taken from this site: http://www.psgrill.net/Food/FoodInfo/Vegetables/RootVegetables/sunchokes.html

reprinted here for your convenience:


Jerusalem artichokes, native to North America, were used by the Indians long before the coming of the settlers from Europe. Their name is a misnomer on both counts. They have no connection with Jerusalem and they are not artichokes, which is why they have been renamed and are now called sun chokes. They are tubers produced beneath the ground by a variety of sunflower. They look like small, knobby, white potatoes or a piece of ginger root.Sun chokes are grown in California on a limited scale that is more than adequate to satisfy the limited demand and are therefore sold primarily in the more costly gourmet produce outlets. They are first harvested in the fall and continue to be available for most of the winter.Jerusalem artichokes may be eaten raw, boiled, or sautéed. They tend to discolor and blacken if cooked in aluminum pots or pans. They are pure white in flesh and have an unusually earthy but pleasant flavor when served raw in salads.Choose firm, light-colored sun chokes (they are usually sold prepackaged) and store in the refrigerator.

WHEN TO BUY: Supplies erratic; available late Fall through Winter WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Firm, light-colored vegetables HOW TO STORE: Require refrigeration

Ok. So is it a flower or a vegetable? I must search a bit further, before I admit error on the little quiz.

update: I think it is a veggie. So I am now openly admitting error - but, what fun it was!
And I learned about sun chokes, too!


  1. They are very delicious too! and the flowers smell like chocolate :)

    Raw, they are like very sweet water chestnuts, yummy. This veggi is great for diaters and diabetics because of the type of starch it is. Be warned though if you don't harvest every root you'll get get em everywhere lol 8 foot tall choclate smelling sunflowers! (be warned if ya let em go to seed LOL)

  2. I have heard of people growing them in their flower gardens. I'm guessing that the flower is very good. I never ate them before, but they sound delicious!

  3. well I wouldnt really plant them IN your flower garden as they get very tall and wide...they need a lot of room (preferably in a contained place). The flowers are like mini-sunflowers and are fun in arrangements (cause they do smell like chocolate!)


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