Saturday, October 1, 2005

Fall Tablescape

This morning I decided to set my dining room table for fall. I started with a neutral color tablecloth and my silver charger plates.
Then I added a dinner plate and my fall-leaf salad plates and glasses.

I decided on a green-checked napkin. I usually like the napkins put into the glass for added height and color. But I did not want to hide the fall pattern on these glasses so I had to come up with another solution. I couldn't lay them across the plate as that would hide the leaf on the salad plate. Finally I decided to fold them into a fleur de lis and set them to the left front of the plates.

Looks very complicated, but is actually quite easy to do.

I added fall leaves to the chandelier and little "welcome" sign for fall.

For the centerpiece I used a big bowl of apples and a scarecrow. I added some leaf-shaped candles to the side of each place setting and some more candles on opposite ends of the table. I will probably make a floral centerpiece later today as I plan to use the apples to make apple crisp.

Here is the completed table.


  1. Who gets to share these tables with you? Do you often have people over for dinner, or is it usually just family?

  2. Kathy, I hardly ever have people over. Isn't that weird? LOL .
    I love to cook and entertain, but haven't much time to do it. So I set all the tables for just me and DH and a few family members. I actually leave the dining room table set almost all the time. I change it seasonally or whenever the urge strikes.


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