Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Garden Bouquet

Tomorrow I am having 4 large pine trees cut down. The flowers in that area will be trampled (literally) to death. So I decided to pick some and make a bouquet. I love to make bouquets from my garden, but this year I have not made a single one. Too busy blogging, I guess - LOL.

Since the area to be murdered has a lot of asters that is where I started with the bouquet. Then I just looked for more purple and pink. There is not much left in those colors, so butterfly bush and sedum AJ won by default.

I started with a heavy container and just stuck a piece of floral foam in it (make sure it is the kind that absorbs water). The foam should be slightly bigger than the container opening so that when you jam it in it stays put.

Then just sink the entire thing in a container of water and let it sit until the foam has fully absorbed the water.

Pull it out and start sticking flowers in until you have something that pleases you.

Very, very simple.

I may leave this one outside because asters tend to stimulate the nasal passages (in other words, they STINK).

Update: I decided to bring it inside after all. It has all the right colors for my living room, so that is where it is. Since I never sit in there, the aster smell won't bother me. I will just get to look at it now and then as I pass by. You might notice that I added a little silver king artemisia.


  1. You are really clever. That's a beautiful bouquet. I actually liked it better when it was on the lawn as it seems to get a bit 'lost' against the lounge. Why do you have to remove the pine trees, are they dangerous?

  2. What a beautiful arrangement you sure have talent for it.

  3. Where do you get your floral foam and other flower arranging supplies?

  4. Thanks CrazyG and Alice.
    The pine trees are dead or nearly dead.
    Kathy, I buy almost everything at JoAnne's Fabrics.

  5. I think Zoey utilizes her talents where she works, I bet!
    Such a pretty arrangement! I should do one last one from my zinnias and cosmos. ; )

  6. Don't be surprised when those asters come right back in the spring. Tough, those guys are!


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