Sunday, September 4, 2005

Opposite Side of the Main Gardens

I don't think I have ever shown you this side of the deck gardens. It borders the neighbor's empty lot and I hardly ever see it since I would have to be on their lot to view it. It is one of my better areas for sun, thus such a shame that I can't enjoy it. That being the case, I removed everything I really liked and planted them in areas where I could appreciate them. I left this spot full of asters (the tall green foliage). They will be blooming soon and should look quite nice if we don't get a heavy wind storm that blows them all down. I used to take the time to tie them all to the lattice, but I gave that up a few years back. Other than a good spring weeding, this area gets no attention from me.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am off to attend a Labor Day deck party.


  1. Okay Zoey - Enough is enough! You have tormented me over the past few weeks with such wonderful photos of your lovely garden that I can feel, smell and taste everything therein, especially the sweet, sweet perfume of the Butterfly Bush. Your grass is so lush, soft and green that I want to lie on my back and watch the clouds gently sail overhead. I want to sit on your deck and drink in the colour of your luxuriant pot plants and, in the evening and early morning listen to the bees and birds gathering the nectar and enjoying nature's bounty.

    So, I'm on my way! Oh, I forgot - you are in Michigan and I'm in Australia - so whilst I may not ever get to the US again, I will just have to enjoy your photos and descriptions all the more.

    I hope you have a wonderful week in your garden.

  2. Oh, Alice, how nice to come home and have such a flattering comment. Thank you so much. You are invited any time (better be in the next 4 weeks though as it will all be gone by mid October):)

  3. Your gardens are just beautiful Zoey!

  4. Wonderful pics Zoey. I hope someday to have even HALF of what you have in your gardens and on your deck and to look as good too. LOL



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