Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Didn't Intend to Rearrange the Deck Again...

All I had planned to do today was dump a few ratty-looking containers. I dumped this little wooden wheelbarrow and then I had an idea (imagine blinking lightbulb over head)...

maybe that big beautiful red double impatiens I have on the table in the woodland area would look nice inside the wooden wheelbarrow? Hmmmmm....I rarely go out to the woodland area any more and it is such a pain to remember to water that much easier if it was right on the deck with everything else where I would be able to enjoy it for the last few weeks of the gardening season.

So off I trot to retrieve the big red plant.

It looked even better than I had imagined...

hmmmm...maybe I should remove the pink zinnias from the big sled container....
O.K. Now it is way too bare.

remember, I never wanted pink to begin with...I thought I had purchased all red and orange, but when they bloomed I had more pink than anything else. Maybe I could stick the big orange double impatiens inside the sled?

Ah, yes, that worked, too. If only I had more red in the sled????

Why look! There is a good-sized bright red begonia...I yank out even more plants from the sled until I have enough space to stick the begonia container in there...

I love the look! Red and orange was the color scheme I wanted to begin with.

And so began a few hours of regrouping until I ended up with this...

I was tired of looking at the grill planter while sitting on the glider. So I decided to move that and put the white bench in its place with the large 'peaches and cream' dahlia behind it. Then I called DH to help me move the giant-sized canna container. It is my favorite container of all and I wanted it where I could enjoy it. I can now see the purple fountain grass plumes blowing in the breeze from the family room and kitchen.

Here is my view from the glider where I almost always sit.

I am happy now. I probably have from as little as two weeks to as many as four weeks before I will be have to remove it all. Until then I will enjoy the fruits of today's labor.


  1. What an awesome view you have from your glider Zoey. have such wonderful plants and you just know exactly where to put them to make them even better. Great job girl...I love it.


  2. You are so funny. I love looking at your deck and I am sure if I had one that grand I'd be rearranging all the time too. Keep up the good work it looks great.

  3. Thanks everyone. I think I am just one of those people who can't stand leaving anything the same. In my house, I can't rearrange much as everything just fits in certain positions. So I have to get my "fix" during the summer on the deck.

  4. Zoey..are the cushions on the bench water proof material for those misty mornings or do you bring them in only when it rains? Thanks as I think that it would be neat to have some on my own bench some day.


  5. taracotta, No, they are not waterproof. I usually leave them in during the week and bring them out on weekends. If I know it is going to rain, I bring them in. I don't worry too much about it, as I know they will only last a couple of years and then I just make new ones.


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